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  1. Having restored a 1927 Dodge Brothers sedan, I need another project!! Your price will determine my doing another car!! 27dodger0
  2. Do you know what it looks like, and maybe part numbers on one? I have a carb that I purchased a long time ago, not for my 27 Dodge, but I purchased it for the carb float in case my current one goes bad. Chuck
  3. I have installed a diaphragm type pump back at the tank, with a dash switch to use if the vacuum tank stops working. Ethanol in the fuel destroyed the diaphragm, and filled the fuel line with a tar like mess!! I then installed a piston type pump, and had to completely flush the line. I often wondered which location of the pump was best, but where it is, seems to be OK. Don't know if ethanol is in your fuel. My car is a Sedan that I did a body off restoration, and so far so good!!
  4. Maybe you should tell people that the daughters car is similar to a kids pedal car??? Have them look up "Power wheels" . Or am I wrong??
  5. I do think your idea of tennis balls is a better idea, to my old socks!!
  6. I wish you the best!! Having done a similar restoration on a 27 Dodge Sedan, I know how long it takes, and all contortions you have to do!! Back surgery is never easy to overcome, and I can bet, it limits your movements now. Hang in there, cause not many people undertake such a project!!! Chuck
  7. I have a 27 Sedan, with the vacuum tank fuel delivery. Yours looks entirely different. Any input as to why?? 27Dodger0
  8. We land in Sydney on 15 Feb, and will be at the Travel Lodge hotel Sydney, for 2 days, and board The Majestic Princess on Feb 18 TH . Then we will in Melbourne, Feb 20th, from 8 AM to 6 PM. Then Feb 22, Hobart, from 8 AM to 6 PM. Then on to New Zealand. Would be nice to speak Dodge!! If it doesn't work out, I thank you for answering! Chuck
  9. I, with others will be in Australia, and New Zealand in February and March 2019. I would like to meet Dodge Brothers people, if I can squeeze it in, This trip is a tour, with stops in Australia, and New Zealand. Being a Yank, I'm not familiar with these countries, so don't really have a clue as your location. One of my companions is meeting a man in Tauranga, who now owns a car he had in Pe Ell, Washington!! Must really be a story there!! If interested, and I can make it work, I'll need addresses and phone numbers. Please send me an email as to finding you. 27dodger0 @ jaehawks@msn.com Thanks!!
  10. Where are you located? I think down under?? I'll be down there in March of next year, and would like to see what your club looks like!! Chuck 27dodger0
  11. My 27 Sedan has the edge trim mitered on the top corner, and folded around the face corner. I believe the original trim was zinc, as it was soft and weighed more than the aluminum I had to replace it with. My running board top looked the same as in your pictures, and is available in the big box stores. I enjoyed working on my car, so go for it on yours!! Chuck
  12. A few years ago, there was a guy from, I believe California, that did that scene with his car at a car show. Don't have his name, but he fit the era to a T !!
  13. Very AWESOME!!!! It takes a true Dodge man to think of such a project!! Thanks!! 27 DODGER Chuck
  14. My 27 Dodge sedan had nickel, and I had nickel for the re do. Had a place in Kent, Washington do the job, and had to wait till they had enough orders to do it. They do the plating for Boeing, so it was done very well!! Nickle does turn a golden color, and not always looking the same as chrome. Chuck
  15. What a nice color combination!! Be proud!! 27dodger0
  16. Thanks!! I didn't think it meant ANAL!! HA HA
  17. OK, what is IANAL?? An old guy thanks you!!
  18. First thought: I think it would depend on vehicle voltage. Are any made for 6 volts? Would be a good thing to have!! Chuck
  19. On my 27, I have DB bolts, regular type bolts, and bolts with square nuts!! Being the end of Dodge Brothers, and going to Chrysler, maybe they installed what they had, and out sourced the regulars???
  20. Maybe do the easy thing, throw a tarp over the hood???
  21. My 27 came with the wheel painted blue. I wanted the wood to stand out, so applied the best paint remover I could find. Wouldn't touch the paint!! Hand scraped each spoke, and each wheel took 40 hours cleaning to look good. Never expected all the labor, but they look sharp!!
  22. Check into a Ford parts book. A lot of things were interchangeable, and you may have luck here. Le Barron Bonny would be a good start.
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