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  1. My 27 Sedan had the same problem with the pot metal.  In about 2003, I found a gentleman thru DBC, from PA.  who at that time was casting the bases  out of aluminum.  I can't find my purchase form, but maybe if you look at our roster, he may still be doing this.  His name I believe was Dan Kerr.   Good luck!!  27 Dodger  Chuck

  2. My car was in such a good condition, that I reused all the bolts after cleaning!  I have a few brass slotted oval head 10/24, that in my case were for the step plates.  I also have 4- 1/4 20 bolts that are stamped DB, but pretty rusted.  More than happy to send these if interested, no charge !!  Please let me know.

  3. Don't know how your 29 carb looks like, but it may be gummed up due to ethanol in the fuel, that has eaten up some part.  My 27 had a diaphragm fuel pump added, and the ethanol ate up the diaphragm , and filled up my fuel lines with black gunk!!  Had to flush the whole fuel system, and the added a metal pump!!  Good luck!!!  Chuck

  4. I have some slotted head screws for the interior window trim, and perhaps other items. My restoration was done from 2000 to 2004, and a lot of items were available then.  I had good luck with a firm called "Lincoln Hardware" in Tacoma, Washington.  At that time, they had access to people and firms that had what I needed.  Granted, I had to buy a box of 100 screws, to get maybe the 3 or 4 I needed!!  It has always been fun for the search, but I did my restoration according to original.  If I can get photos of my car, they will be on this note.

  5. When I did this on my 27, I used a C clamp, and set it at an angle to allow the pin to be pushed out, and not damage anything.  The mirrors were purchased from Le Baron Bonney, a Model A parts supplier.  A lot of their product is the same as Dodge Brothers.  Good Luck!  27dodger0

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