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  1. I pray for you!! Be good to see when it's done!! 27 Dodger 0
  2. Should have purchased a 1927 Sedan!!! Not all the problems and work!!!! Chuck
  3. Don't know how your 29 carb looks like, but it may be gummed up due to ethanol in the fuel, that has eaten up some part. My 27 had a diaphragm fuel pump added, and the ethanol ate up the diaphragm , and filled up my fuel lines with black gunk!! Had to flush the whole fuel system, and the added a metal pump!! Good luck!!! Chuck
  4. A few years ago, I fabricated this item, and in my younger swap meet days, was able to find the proper cans. I can see if I have any left, or sample to make more. Mine included the proper screw, nut, etc. I'll look!!! Chuck 27dodger0
  5. When I painted my 27, I was told by a painter, to go to RODDA paints, as they have an industrial paint section. Iy worked out just great!!!! Chuck
  6. My car is registered by the Budd body number, stamped on the engine side cowl!! Go figure!!! 27dodger0
  7. Ordered the wrench from Cindy Myers today! $11.00 plus shipping!! Nice and easy!! Thanks for all your help!! Chuck
  8. Thanks for the info!!! Will order it as soon as Cindy gives me a total price@@
  9. There you are, 10000 of miles away,and you know where to look!!! Thanks Mate!!
  10. Dodge Brothers water pump wrench, Q19652. 1/8 TH inch thick, 1 5/16" open end. Not to be found at NAPA!!! For my 1927 Sedan. Thanks!! jaehawks@msn.com
  11. Thanks for your reply!! I figured that all the nuts turned right to tighten, and left to loosen!! Don't know where you're from, but an age old phrase is "Rightie Tighte, Leftie loosen,"!! Very much thanks for your input!! Keep on Dodgen!! Chuck 27dodger0
  12. Of the 3 nuts, I loosened the 2 nuts toward the radiator, but don't know what direction the far left nut should turn. It is very tight now in either direction, and I don't want to break anything. Any and all help is appreciated!! Chuck 27dodger0 jaehawks@msn.com
  13. Cut a small piece of conduit or similar, then size the piece to go around and over the pin top, but not to interfere with it coming out. I think you're making it a lot more problem than it is. Chuck
  14. I have some slotted head screws for the interior window trim, and perhaps other items. My restoration was done from 2000 to 2004, and a lot of items were available then. I had good luck with a firm called "Lincoln Hardware" in Tacoma, Washington. At that time, they had access to people and firms that had what I needed. Granted, I had to buy a box of 100 screws, to get maybe the 3 or 4 I needed!! It has always been fun for the search, but I did my restoration according to original. If I can get photos of my car, they will be on this note.
  15. When I did this on my 27, I used a C clamp, and set it at an angle to allow the pin to be pushed out, and not damage anything. The mirrors were purchased from Le Baron Bonney, a Model A parts supplier. A lot of their product is the same as Dodge Brothers. Good Luck! 27dodger0