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  1. My 27 Sedan had the same problem with the pot metal. In about 2003, I found a gentleman thru DBC, from PA. who at that time was casting the bases out of aluminum. I can't find my purchase form, but maybe if you look at our roster, he may still be doing this. His name I believe was Dan Kerr. Good luck!! 27 Dodger Chuck
  2. My floor boards were pine, or similar. Maybe the Dodge Brothers followed Henry in using the shipping crates for floors?
  3. How can I forward this article to other car club members??
  4. There is a gentleman selling tie tacks that might fit your cap. Go to the Dodge Brothers sale site, and see if they would fit.
  5. My car was in such a good condition, that I reused all the bolts after cleaning! I have a few brass slotted oval head 10/24, that in my case were for the step plates. I also have 4- 1/4 20 bolts that are stamped DB, but pretty rusted. More than happy to send these if interested, no charge !! Please let me know.
  6. There is/was a place in Sydney, that made Dodge Brothers parts. I think the name was: Vintage and Classic Dodge parts. I tried to look them up, but had no luck. Give it a go, and see what you can find. Chuck
  7. Before I get your hopes up, I'll have to go look at what I have left from the restoration of my 27 Sedan. Sounds like you want these for window trim? If I can help, I may have other items also. Be patience, and I'll get back to you. Chuck
  8. Try Olson's Gaskets in Port Orchard, Washington. He may be able to help! Chuck
  9. I pray for you!! Be good to see when it's done!! 27 Dodger 0
  10. Should have purchased a 1927 Sedan!!! Not all the problems and work!!!! Chuck
  11. Don't know how your 29 carb looks like, but it may be gummed up due to ethanol in the fuel, that has eaten up some part. My 27 had a diaphragm fuel pump added, and the ethanol ate up the diaphragm , and filled up my fuel lines with black gunk!! Had to flush the whole fuel system, and the added a metal pump!! Good luck!!! Chuck
  12. A few years ago, I fabricated this item, and in my younger swap meet days, was able to find the proper cans. I can see if I have any left, or sample to make more. Mine included the proper screw, nut, etc. I'll look!!! Chuck 27dodger0
  13. When I painted my 27, I was told by a painter, to go to RODDA paints, as they have an industrial paint section. Iy worked out just great!!!! Chuck
  14. My car is registered by the Budd body number, stamped on the engine side cowl!! Go figure!!! 27dodger0
  15. Ordered the wrench from Cindy Myers today! $11.00 plus shipping!! Nice and easy!! Thanks for all your help!! Chuck
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