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  1. The attached list details parts available for a 1928-1929 Reo Flying Cloud. The parts are from 1929 Deluxe Coupe but most fit other models as well.
  2. I have attached here a photo of the transmission I have with the bell housing on it. I have also attached a picture of the back half of the engine that has the clutch housing shown, just ahead of the transmission. To clarify, can you tell me if you need the bell housing as shown in the photo or the clutch housing that is in the diagram with the arrows.
  3. I have a transmission for a 29. I am out of town right now but I will be back around the first week of Oct. I can send you photos when I get back if you are interested. I am in So. California.
  4. Here is an updated list of parts I have for sale. These parts were from a 1929 Reo Flying Cloud Deluxe Roadster with side mount tires, and rumble seat. Please note that I have closeup photos of all of these parts and I can email them to you if requested. Reo Parts Availability.pdf
  5. I am the person that bought the Reo parts from Eric to get a few parts that I needed but also to allow others that need parts to have a chance to get what they need. Reo parts are becoming harder to find so I made the effort to try and make these parts available individually. Attached is a list of parts available as of March 14, 2018 (these pertain to the parts in the photos above). Let me know if there is something you need or any photos of individual parts you want to take a look at. I have photographed each part individually so you can see more clearly it's condition. Reo Parts Availability.pdf
  6. Hi Pete. I have a 1920 Buick coupe that I am restoring. The project had been started by a friend of mine who recently passed away but is not complete. The running gear is finished but the body is still off of the chassis and has not been started. I do have some pictures of it in the state that it is in if you feel that would be of any interest. Thanks,Randy
  7. From the album: Buick

    With the running gear now finished here is the next project, the body. I will be National Blue with black fenders when it is complete.
  8. From the album: Buick

    Engine right side and transmission.
  9. From the album: Buick

    Engine left side
  10. From the album: Buick

    This my current "Work in progress" a 1920 Buick Coupe. This car is a model K46 as the body plate describes and has a small "bicycle seat" mounted under the dash on the passenger side that swings out to accomodate a second passenger (a small passenger I would guess). Running gear is finished and I am working on the body now.
  11. Thanks for the tip, Dave. I will do that. Regards, Randy
  12. Thanks Fred for your reply and the website! Randy
  13. I have recently aquired a 1920 Coupe with the restoration well on the way. I could use any information available on any aspect of the car and or photos of exterior and interior. Thanks, Randy
  14. Hi Mark. I will look into your group, it sounds like a good source of information too. Thanks, Randy
  15. Thanks for your reply. I will post some pictures in the next day or two. It looks like you have quite a "stable" of cars!
  16. Thanks very much for your direction. I will post on that board. I must have overlooked it.
  17. I have just aquired a restoration in progress of a 1920 Buick Coupe. I have been told that it is a doctor's coupe as it has a swing out jump seat that comes out from under the dash. How wierd is that? I am interested in contacting anyone in the club that may have access to information on this vintage Buick. Thank you very much. Randy, Escondido, Ca.
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