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  1. If you just want someone to keep the website updated I might be able to help, I had actually made a reatta website in high school for my html programming class term project. (I was going to make it, but at the time that domain was already owned and the owner refused to sell, however it appears it is now free) I know I saved it to a cd and I might still have it somewhere if anyone is interested, I worked on it for about 6 months and it was fairly visually appealing, and I got a 100% so it must have been somewhat good lol. It's been about 8 years since then but with a cheat sheet I might be able to keep the current site maintained.
  2. Been up to 110mph in my Miata, and about 106 in my those speeds my miata still felt nice and tight, where as the overweight front heavy reatta did not feel anything as safe as the miata lol
  3. I seem to recall 4 screws for the bezel and some clips, however it's been a very long time (as you can see from the date on the post) since i've wrenched on a Reatta
  4. This might help a little with the center console
  5. What I was pointing out was the picture in the original post does not match up the pictue posted by ronnie becuase the oil fill is not on the same side
  6. Unless i'm looking at it wrong, this motor isn't THE motor from the prototype, the oil fill on the prototype appears to be on the passenger side, where as the one in the picture here would be on the drivers side, I suppose switching he valve covers would be easy, but why would that be done.
  7. Wow some good information thanks guys, so it looks like the 88-90 Reatta's might survive that battle.
  8. Hi all, Back when I had my Reatta there was concern over the availability of brake accumulators because there was no known manufacturer of new ones and the ones that were still around were new old stock, and the concern was that the time sitting on the shelf has deteriorated them, is this still the case or is there now a manufacturer of new ones?
  9. +3 on switching the calipers
  10. That thing seems to always be changing hands... wonder if we will see it on pawn stars one of these days lol
  11. Is the fluid level going down? Maybe there is a leak in one of the new calipers?
  12. Here are some pics from when I was working on mine, ignore the red line in the pic one is of it still in my car and the other is of either the factory sunroof or the rx7 one I put in
  13. Do you have a volt meter to check continuity of the switch?
  14. I used velcro on mine and it held from 06 until about 09 as far as I know