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  1. Twinsixsteve -- Yes it's invisable, or said another way it's a stealth conversion. <wiltonae@adelphia.net> Voltreg
  2. I convert voltage regulators to solid-state. A 1931 Pontiac should be no problem. Email me at <wiltonae@adelphia.net> and I will send you some information. Cheers, Bob
  3. Give me a mailing address and I'll send you some more info. Cheers, Voltreg
  4. I can convert most regulators to solid-state (early Fords are a problem). We not only regulate the voltage, we limit the current to prevent generator burnout. Temperature compensation is included. Positive ground or negative ground, no problem.
  5. I can convert regulators to solid-state. Contact me <wiltonae@adelphia.net> and we can discuss details. Bob Jeffers
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