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  1. Rolf I am sorry I never responded to any of your wall paper posts. They are all fantastic. I would like your permission to attempt to convery your latest one to an embroidery design. It will really look cool on a jacket.
  2. Remove the plastic cover over the headlight and look there
  3. Go to E-bay and search Mercedes Storage Cart. They run about $99.00. I bought one last year and it fits perfectly. Good Luck
  4. Many plumbers today have a camera they use to look down sewer lines for breaks. They are small and give great picture. See if your local plumber has one and put it in the hole in the trunk. Maybe you will see exactly what the problem is. From there you can come up with a plan. Your only option may be to cut a larger hole in the trunk and then have it welded back in.
  5. When you accelerate you loose vacuum and the air flow door closes and diverts the air to the defroster. This is as David said is by default. There is a check valve in the vacuum lines that is supposed to minimize this. I replaced all of the vacuum lines and check valves in one of mine and it really made a big difference. Good luck
  6. David I am north of you in Lompoc. I have a 91 in your price range.
  7. I did remove mine but you don't have to.
  8. Cleaning the throttle body might help the performance as slow speed. My oil leak was from the oil filler cap. The rubber seal was really bad.
  9. Fuse #6 Speed Control, Stop Lamps, Cigar Lighter, Airbag. I think gosty is spot on
  10. My 99 rack came with a cover. The hardtop fits perfectly. I am very very happy with mine.
  11. I bought this one off of e-bay. Mercedes Hard Top Cart CHRYSLER TC MASERATI ALLANTE SL 99.00 and It works great
  12. The part number for a 91 is 5276457 for a California car it is 5276459 good luck
  13. Power to the fuel pump is supplied by the Auto Shutdown relay. The ASD is located on the driver side engine compartment just behind the air intake. There are three relays attached to the fenderwell. The one closest to the front of the car is the ASD
  14. TC4FREE There is a left tail light on ebay for 89.95. Oddly enough there are several right but only one left. I think it was just listed. Good luck
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