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  1. thanks, will look at more closely
  2. My 1950 super model 52 seams to be sucking air on intake manifold, makes load squel noise until you give it gas. sprayed a little oil on intake squel goes away. Any input would be appreciated. thanks again
  3. thanks for all the info i have an original filter new in box but do not think a 60 year old filter would be any good. where they made of metal or paper
  4. does anyone know where i can buy oil filter for 1950 super model 52 thanks
  5. thanks for info, will look into it more closely
  6. What kind of oil do I use for 1950 buick st. 8 59000 miles runs great. time for oil change. thanks
  7. whats is the best oil for original straight 8 never rebuilt 59000 miles. the car runs great but sits alot.I need to change oil soon! thanks
  8. I need help locating oil filter replacment for original ac number p-127 ac/delco cannot cross reference can anyone help? I have had this 1950 super model 52 since 1974 please help keeping her running. thankyou
  9. thanks joe for your time,tom50buick
  10. thanks for the talk, I have a book on rebuilding chevy engines, I was hopeing for a book on olds 350 rocket engine rebuilding. I have the 1972 olds chassis sevice manual.I was hoping for a book like the chevy. thanks again
  11. thanks joe will look for one now.
  12. what is the difference on rebuilding olds 350 and chevy 350? My olds 1972 350 rocket is all ready to put together. Is there a book on rebuilding olds engines? thanks again tstrick1972@aol.com
  13. I need help finding literature on how to rebuild olds 1972 rocket engine 1972 .Is it basically the same as chevy, The motor is ready to be put together. please help.
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