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  1. Hello I am looking for a copy of the wiring diagram and/or instructions for a Sparton 3 Bugle Horn. Thanks, Gary Schiebe Plymouth, MN
  2. I have two Smith Headlights that I want to put on my 1918 Model T Speedster. What I am looking for is 4 of the spring metal clips that go on the headlight body and hold the headlight rims onto the body. Below are several pictures and the part is 3 ½ inches long. Gary Schiebe Plymouth, MN 763-473-4889
  3. Due to accident looking for- a fount and the door with red glass for my E & J -Pat 1908 Taillight. Also for an E & J #12 Taillight - a fount and burner 763-473-4889
  4. Thanks for the offer of a copy of the Ames Body brochure but I'm certain it is not an Ames so I will keep digging. Regards, Gary Schiebe Plymouth, MN
  5. Hello I have a Model T Speedster titled as a 1918 Ames Body Speedster. Can any one help confirm it is an Ames or identify th brand? The following are front end and side view pictures. Thanks Gary Schiebe Plymouth, MN
  6. Hello Can some one help identify the car my grandfather purchased with his brother. They had adjoining farms and shared the car until my grandfather bought a Model T. It has been said it is a Studebaker but looks like a Buick or ?. Thanks, Gary Schiebe Plymouth, MN
  7. I have two questions concerning a Stewart #27 speedometer on a 1918 Model T speedster that needs a cable for the cable housing and driven gear. 1. It appears the standard Stewart cable I'm familiar with won't work. Does some one know the type and a source for the cable as both ends have to be the same? 2. It has Stewart #11077 60 tooth 8 pitch gear on the wheel and Stewart #1802 Swivel and Gear Attachment. I need a driven gear and would order a 16 tooth, 8 pitch gear but not certain how to attach. There is a hole in the shaft for a pin but not the threaded portion on this head for a nut. Maybe the gear for this head is different and is held on with a spring pin through the gear and shaft? Thanks, Gary
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