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  1. Jim, my name is Frank Robb,Brookfield, wi. Reading your post, I just realized you lost your dad a year ago. I am sorry for your loss. I was the area sales mgr. for Buick motor Division and I called on your dad at bothBerndt Buick and again at Frascona Buick. Your dad was one of the finest persons that I contacted .He was very professional and a delight to deal with.I had many great memories with him. Frank
  2. I had a chance to meet and talk with Ben Crenshaw at a Buick event at Calloway gardens in Georgia, what a fine gentleman and a good representative for Buick in the 1990’s. He truly liked driving Buicks
  3. Just one change I would make.Instead of rain x ,aquapel lasts longer,6 months minimum.It also doesn't streak the way rain x does. Rain water blows off very well.
  4. Yesterday the Cream city chapter Milwaukee had their annual car show.Normally we have two or three Reattas show up,yesterday we had six. We matched the number of grand nationals.thanks to those who came the distance,Frank
  5. I would like to give a shout out to Marck Baker.On Friday at the Buick National meet here in Brookfield, I went to take out a folding chair from the trunk and heard the power antenna running. Disconnected the antenna to save the battery. About a half hour later met Marck,he had a good antenna with him.He changed out the antenna,he was fair what he charged. I was amazed after having worked with Buick Motor Division for forty years how much this young man knows about Reatta.We are lucky to have a person like him interested in our cars.many thanks,Frank
  6. Bob, I have gone in two directions with wheels, first I had a set of 17" Buick Lucerne wheels that looked good but required 1" spacers on the front wheels to clear the shock towers, I then went back to my stock wheels that I had polished almost to a chrome finish. The car rides better with the stock 15's. Frank
  7. Ronnie, I have had good results with all the Zaino products. I use their grand finale spray, It really makes the black pop. A couple of weeks ago I just picked up a 2017 Cadillac xt5 in dark Adriatic blue, it makes this color look good also,Frank
  8. Today, I was getting the Reatta ready for the upcoming car shows and I had forgotten how much I like white diamond metal polish. The buffed stock wheels need a polish at least once a year,this stuff is really easy to use. I finished the car with another coat of Zaino z2 sealant,the gloss is almost high enough where I could shave in it.Have a good summer,Frank
  9. Reatta is still available. Next week starts the car shows that I will show the car. I love this time of the year. Dave, thanks for your comments on my car, Frank
  10. Yesterday,when I was putting the convertible top down for the season I noticed something. Should the tonneau panel be able to stay open on its own? I was juggling with my right hand to hold it open while using my left to drop the top into the well. In section 10 of the shop manual I can't see or maybe I am just missing it any reference to this. Thanks in advance for any info, Frank
  11. Keith, The Cadillac Allantes body came from Italy on a 747. The car then was then final assembled at the Lansing craft centre.Olbuickman
  12. This car is still available, the car shows are just starting. Frank
  13. Ronnie, I have used the information from your website,thank you, I think ol yeller might be on to something . I will try the battery disconnect and then re-program the two remotes.I hate to waste $35 to go to the local locksmith shop for about a two minute job. Frank
  14. I have been trying to program a second remote keyless entry but I have had no luck. I have followed the instructions in the shop manual. The first remote takes the programming ok but when I wait a couple of seconds and try to program the second key fob , I get nothing. Any thoughts, thanks in advance, Frank
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