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  1. Hello All: Does anyone have 4 mounting bolts for a 1959 Buick for sale. I am posting for a friend, who states that the bolts have a square head that fits in the front bumper. Thanks for your help.
  2. 60 Buick Electra's and Invicta's did have rear speakers as an option. LeSabre's did not have the rear speaker. I had the speaker put when the interior was done over. The grill is for a 60 Buick, but it was slightly modified. The rear speaker grill for the 60 Buick is somewhat flimsy, and will easily dent inward should someone rest their head on it. Since restored cars are not used to transport a lot of people this shouldn't be a problem now, but it was back in the day when the cars were in regular use.
  3. I am looking for the a/c pulley for a 1960 Buick, all models and engines. Thanks.
  4. Hello All: I am looking for the a/c pulley for either a 59 or 60 Buick, either 364 or 401 engine. Thanks.
  5. Hi: This is a family car. My dad purchased it 1960. It has been restored, but not to original specs. But I do know all of the details on what is correct for an restoration to original standards. You should get the dealers book, which contains samples of the actual matarials used for the interior, top, and exterior paint colors for the 1960 Buick. I have one, very helpful resource. I have a friend who owns 3, all original 1960 Buicks, and knows everything there is to know about them. He, too, has his family's original 1960 Buick. Invicta's are nice, the "Spirited Buick" for 1960.
  6. The gas gauage on my 60 didn't work for years. Finally I found out that is was the circuit board in the dash that had gone bad. I replace it and the fuel gauge started working again. This is a common problem for the 60. I also had the float in the tank rebuilt, but that did not solve the problem
  7. Ah the "sweep cut" design que is interesting. But fender skirts were a popular aftermarket item in 50's and 60's and the demand kept after market fender skirt manufacturers in business. So popular in fact that the 60 had fender skirts installed by the dealer and were show cased on the car while on the show room floor. I know this because the car was purchased off the show room floor in 1960, at Derk Buick, New Rochelle, NY with the fender skirts already installed, which has given the car a unique and interesting look for the past 51 years.
  8. My 60 Buick would look naked without her wide whites. I wouldn't drive the car without them. The car came with wide whites, in 1960 right off the dealer show room floor.
  9. Well I love the facelift from the 1959 to 1960 Buick. The grill work on the 59 is over done, and the headlight placement is awkward. The 60 is sleeker and the lines have a smooth, angular flow about them. But of course I am biased towards the 60.
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