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  1. The first thing to do is check the condition of the rubber seals around the three valves. You will need a gasket kit, but you will need only a few of the pieces. My reverse valve had a 1/4 inch hole in the rubber seal. This caused first & rev. to be very week until they both quit. Less than two hundred for my favorite mechanic to fix. I still have part of the Gasket kit and some new valves for the other two ports. All you need to find out is drop the pan and pull the valves. Snap rings hold the valves in place. The dealer said I needed a new control valve assy. Not true. She runs like a champ.
  2. By the way this car has the illusive gas cap plastic lever as well as a brand new never been on the road grill.
  3. The whole car is for sale. I will not take it apart. It has all the nice stuff but you will have to buy the car. $1500.00
  4. Have three TCs. Wish to sell two. Make offer for one that runs well with good seats & get a parts car to keep it going.
  5. Check for a lazy brake pedal. Pull up with your toe while engaging the cruz control.
  6. Haven't received an e-mail. Might have wrong address. Try mtworkshop@me.com
  7. My 89 TC for parts has complete new rear brakes and new rear springs. Interested?
  8. Two Yellow Ginger Black Single Overhead Cam Automatic TCs for sale in North Carolina. One runs very well with a good body, good soft top and good interior. The other has a fair body and will not start. I suspect that it is the computer that is bad. Front window is cracked. This car is repairable but is probably a parts car. Reasonable offer for both cars takes them and a whole bunch of parts. Too many TCs in the family.
  9. 89 Yellow with a good body & lots of good (near new) parts available. Offers? North Carolina 252-207-6014
  10. Good body except for the hood which is repairable. Engine will not run Suspect SEMC to be bad. New Brake Rotors and rear Calipers. Vinyl seats but all good interior. Located North East North Carolina. No soft top. After market wheels. Offers?
  11. Mine was slipping in reverse. The dealer said I needed a new control valve assy and a new reverse valve. My mechanic replaced a seal on the reverse valve and all is well again. There was a hole in the seal. It is apparently real easy to fix the valves are held in place with snap rings. You won't find a control valve assembly without a transmission around it.
  12. Thanks Larry. The accumulator looks like it was packed in 98. Next time I'll order from you. Mike
  13. I have 2 06/89s the last fours are 3472 and 3478.
  14. All I said is that she charged less than I would have expected. I'm still interested in a computer.
  15. I just paid $127.00 + Shipping from GM Parts Direct for one of the made in Germany ones. This is the second since I got the car. Mike
  16. I need one for an 06/89 SOHC. New price is a bit high. The Car Chick price is lower than I would expect. Thax Mike
  17. When it works right the 2.2 will surprise you with smoothness and acceleration. There is a vacuum component to the Cruse control but there is also a sensitive switch on the brake pedal, not to mention a lot of old wiring. Look where all the 1/8 inch vacuum hoses connect together in a bundle of five. Go from there looking for a hard 3/8 hose or a disconnected PCV. The 1/8 hoses are very fragile and come apart too easily. Good luck.
  18. Easy check to look for broken/leaking vacuum hoses.
  19. You will need to take them out of the dash and figure out how to get the louver assembly out. Then you get some felt and glue it where the old felt fell out of. Then you put things back together. Simple? Mike
  20. Is each speaker fused separately? Or do the have one common fuse on the fuse block?
  21. You did not say if the fan runs with the ac on. If yes it is probably ok. If no you do have a problem.
  22. Both seats have the same power source. The heavy red wire on each switch supplies power. The heavy black goes to ground somewhere in never never land. If you have power to one seat you probably have power to both. If you disconnected the switches or pulled up the console you will likely find the connector biscuit under the switches damaged. They are very delicate and fall apart easily. If you can get a pair of switches with wires and connectors attached - then you can fill the back side of the connector block with epoxy for reenforcement and replace the switch assemblies in one go using plastic sleeves and epoxy to replace the broken screw mounts for the switches and quick connectors to attach the new switches in the system. Lots of luck. Mike
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