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  1. looking for pattern or gasket for the centre of a Senior DC vaccum wiper assemble. The gasket is shaped like a shield and goes in the centre of the assemble and has a spring attached. I have lost the original so any help would be greatly appreciated. The wiper is on a 1923 Light Six Tourer.
  2. Hi Scott, Thanks for the reply, my email is guyvenor@hotmail.com would be very interested to see the gauges. As I am having trouble finding an old gauge to read low enough. As you would be aware the old light six has very little oil pressure, was very releived when I found out about this little jem of information. Regards, Guy
  3. I was wondering if anyone was reproducing the centre plates for Budd wire wheels? Also chasing an amp guage and an oil pressure gauge. All help greatly appreciated. They are for a 1923 light six pictured, that I am trying to get back on the road. Cheers from Downuder
  4. Hi B Just stumbled across your restoration, I am in the process of putting a 1923 light six tourer back together that has been in the family since new. It was in a whole heap worse condition than yours by the look of it. But can sympathise with your struggles, all the best. Regards Guy NSW, Australia
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply, I would love the contacts for the handles if you have them. As getting hold of a complete switch seems to be nearly impossible. Regards Guy guy@gwydir.com.au
  6. Wondering if anyone can help me with what the face of a '23 fuel gauge looked like? I have the gauge but with rusty face. Can you buy the decal in centres for Budd wire wheels? Studebaker radiator caps? or the wagon wheel decal on the radiator shroud? Does anyone have a light/ignition switch (photo's show one in a museum and the old one I have with broken levers) or rear door catchs for a '23 The second last photo is what it looked like all those years ago, unfortunately before my time. Although it has been in the family since new. They even won a reliability trial (last photo)
  7. I am in the process of restoring a 1923 Studebaker, EM Light Six Tourer. That has been in the family since new, but badly neglected. Some of the questions I hope someone may be able to help me with are Is it possible to get spring designs for the seats so I can have new ones made? refered here by the Studebaker Museum Does anyone have a photo of the face of a 1923 stewart warner speedo, having it restored and need the graphic's for the face if any. Also looking for the graphic's on the face of the fuel gauge that sits on the top of the tank. Need to redo the face Where could I get new decals for the front of the radiator and the centre of the spin on wheel nuts. The only other parts I am chasing are door catch's Would appreciate any help I can get as this is my first project and is for my elderly father who use to race the old car in mud trials and time trials as a young man. Regards, Guy
  8. Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to find a speedo, ignition switch assem, radiator and fuel cap, decals for the radiator shroud and wheel nut centres. For a 1923 light six tourer as I am not having much luck finding parts in Australia and thought someone may be able to help. The car has been in family since new and has been given to me to restore with my father who has retired. Appreciate any help you can offer. Cheers Guy guy@gwydir.com.au
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