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  1. Hello Dave. I add a foto 96 to my album. It is a photo of your car. . Why the part "window surrounds" in the middle differs on color?
  2. I have added photos. Unfortunately now not all is at me on a computer. Boxes in fenders of the machine are made by previous owner. If to look at a photo, it is visible, that it is simply closed up apertures for spare wheels. The radio and clock at us is not present. There is a back part from clock. There is a grill from the radio. A leather on doors is not natural. It is made by the previous owner. On other doors the fabric is visible.(foto 58 and 59). Look at a photo 53 and 54. I have a little cleared a paint. Under a paint there is a brilliant surface. The paint on a shade differs from the basic. What for it is made?(foto 57 and 59) On a photo 26 it is visible, that there is no part of devices. The index of fuel and still there was what that the measuring device. On auction E-Bay I saw only a part from the right side of the instrument panel. With left I did not meet. The mechanism of a speedmeter by our machine not native. It from the governmental machine of mark ZiS (Zavod imenyi Stalina). Very interesting design for 40 years. Up to 60 km/h the arrow(pointer) of a speedmeter shined by green light. At increase in speed color varied on yellow and then on red. ZiS 110 inside "The representation automobile was developed on the basis of such known models 1941, as PACKARD 180 and BUICK LIMITED 90. Manufacture of the limousine which has received name ZiS-110, proceeded with 1945 for 1958." Still we negotiate for purchase of two automobiles Buick. 1939 and 1938 of release. Here a photo of one of them. It is disassembled, but parts were kept. Buick 1938
  3. Hello Dave. Many thanks to you for set of comments. I shall make a photo in current the near future. Probably I can find another foto today.
  4. All greetings. I again here. After long silence I can show you new photos. The machine is disassembled. It is not enough native parts. But we do not lose of hope and we search for not sufficing parts. The problem will consist in a difference between machines for the USA and for Europe. On these photos you can see some details. If you have comments to a photo, I with pleasure of them shall listen. My Buick Photos
  5. It is found in Russia. You will be surprised, but Russia the surprising country. After fund Buick 81SED we have continued searches of automobiles of this mark. The result has surprised us. Recently we have found Buick Series 40, 1939 of release. One of these days I have found out Buick Series 90, 1937 of release. 40 and 90 models of the automobile are trophies WW2 and are brought by owners in 1945-1946. Unfortunately the machine of 40 series in very bad condition. The machine of 90 series on the move also is practically complete. I hope, that I can soon show a photo of these finds. Now we negotiate with owners of automobiles.
  6. Hello. I have question. In Russia very few antiquarian automobiles. But we try to find and restore them. It is a lot of problems with details for them. It is necessary to do much anew. At you in America it is a lot of dumps with old machines. It is a lot of companies trading in parts for them. Your incomes allow to be engaged in it. Why so few machines are restored? Why your dumps are filled with old machines? Unless it is necessary to nobody? I probably would open the company on restoration of automobiles if had such dump a beside. Tell, why so occurs? These machines are interesting to nobody?
  7. Hello, thanks for the address of a site. I know this site and actively it use. Unfortunately, there there is not enough information on my theme. I would like to find User Manual on this machine. Promotional materials do not give full representation.
  8. Be kind, give please the reference to good photos of the automobile. His details and interior. It is grateful for any advice.
  9. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hiya Dave, I'd have bet money that 5 was a 3 until I enlarged it too and i'm 39. LOL I did see your reference to making up a chart and checking off the codes but I thought if we were using different reference sources yours may have missed that code. I have found Auto Color Library to be quite complete when looking for codes myself but that's not to say I believe them to be THE end all source. I don't know much about Buick's export practices, but i'm learning, so, for now, i'll leave that up to you guys who obviously know more about the subject. LOL Cheers, Carl </div></div> Tell please how there are searches? There are results?
  10. All greetings. Dear sirs, for the decision of my problem are important any councils. Even if they contradict each other. As I have understood, export automobiles distinguished many details. At me one more question has appeared. On a photo I saw instrument panels trimmed with a tree. By our machine I have not found a tree. Probably it is destroyed by time. Or it was not from the beginning. I ask, if you have photo of the automobile inside, send them to me on e-mail hidcorp@gmail.com. I possible can see still differences from the American automobiles. Rainy weather prevents to study the machine in details, within the next few days I shall engage in studying of various differences.
  11. Greetings, I have not so understood. In a picture I have found only a code 515. But at us by the machine a code 513.
  12. Dave, places on wings have rough welded seams. On seams a thick layer of a paint. It is made not at a factory. Locks of such type were applied in aircraft of the USSR. Many fine details in the machine have marks of military manufacturers. We are sure, that the machine when that was in hands of the military person. Covers from spare wheels it was not kept. We very much want to restore the machine in an original kind. The spare wheel was stored in trunk. Within the next few days I shall try to survey the machine in details. I want to find original color of a paint. You have have found out nothing about figure 3 on the plate?
  13. Dave, the previous owner has closed sheets of metal of an aperture in FRONT fenders. Has put there covers and has made boxes for the tool. In this photo the installation site of new metal is well visible. Fender The edge of a cover and seam from welding is seen.The right FRONT and left FRONT fenders are identical. Dave, our headlight pods is really full chrome plated. It very much has interested us. In fact anywhere we did not see such.
  14. Hello Dave. I shall tell all in details. Photos P1030118, P1030119, P1030123 it is photos of the fenders changed by the previous owner. On photo P1030158 the wheel was well visible that there. On photo P1030150 the case of a headlight is seen.We have chrome strip for it. A question that the case is covered chrome entirely. In photos of automobiles in the Internet we did not see it. Very much it would be desirable to find out the data of the automobile. Unless photo P1030126 cannot help? Dave, I shall make a photo about which you ask as soon as possible. Can be more convenient number in a picture album of them in another way? Or to name?
  15. Dave, I have added new photos in a picture album. Roadmaster After cleaning we have found the plate on the right side of a frame and have found number on the left side of a frame. We had problem. Number of the engine does not coincide with number on the plate. New number 3178994. Engine number What can you tell about this engine? Still we had question. We saw many Roadmaster in the Internet. But they have difference from ours. At our car of the case of headlights are completely covered lame. Headlights chrome On one of tablets figure 3 is sideways written, what it means? 3 on plate
  16. Dave, I have found the plate on a frame. The size approximately 1.5 centimeters on 10 centimeters. On it number 13461921 is largly written. I continue clearing of a dirty of other plates. Probably I shall find still something interesting.
  17. Dave, it is very interesting. But how to find to this documentary confirmations? How you consider, whether it is possible to write to representation Buick in Europe? Can be there it is possible will to find out color and characteristics of the automobile? Unfortunately I do not know the address. Whether you can prompt me?
  18. For more exact information and specification of the data I shall make new photos. Within the next few days I can make good photos of plates. I shall try to make their clean and big. Except for these plates where numbers of the automobile can be located? Can be there there will be that that another. Russia is full of surprises.
  19. Thanks for very detailed answer. Now we know about the automobile more. Tell, in the Internet you could recommend what else sites to us? As soon as we shall find out with system of payment, we shall be ready to enter club. There can be we can become official representatives of your club in Russia? We know about two machines in Russia. Probably their owners will want to join.
  20. Dave, we were interested with the introduction in Buick Club of America. Tell more in detail, we can receive what help? Whether it is enough given the technical information?
  21. Hello Dave. Each automobile should have history. Especially at such beautiful. I hope, that we can find something about this car. Dave, you could not show us page from manual of the car where all buttons and levers are drawn. To us value of some things is not absolutely clear.
  22. Hello Dave. I live in Saint Petersburg. We have found the car in Moscow. According to the owner it has got there before war and long time was kept in a bombproof shelter. Then its history is unknown. Car is found out casually. Documents at it are not present. Whether probably find out as she has got to Russia. It is confident, that the private person could not buy her. Probably a code of a paint for the car used for 1938. You have written, that the machine is made at the end of 1938. Value word Nitro is familiar to me. My true name Alexander. The problem of distinction of systems of measurement too is familiar to us. If you were on a site www.Nordix.fotofile.ru could see a photo restored Chevrolet DelRay 1958. I think, that I can understand much of your advice though my English is not so good. In the Internet we have found firm www.buick-parts.com trading in spare parts. We would order the book what to have numbers of parts. Then we can speak about problems more precisely.
  23. Dave, thx for information. The place near the Trim Code is empty. Probably it designates, what the machine completed already in the Europe? About Paint Code. The plate very old also is badly readable. Whether other variants of a digital combination are possible? 518 or x13 where X - various numbers
  24. Dave, i find the plate what u talk. BUICK MOTOR CORPORATION FLINT.MICH. 1939 MOD STYLE 39 BODY 1230 TRIM ----- PAINT 513 BODY BY FISHER
  25. Dave,one more question. On the Internet it is a lot of photo of the car outside. Very much it would be desirable to receive qualitative photos of interior. There can be at you they is? my e-mail is HIDCORP@GMAIL.COM
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