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  1. Lief, My understanding of the Walnut faced gauges were only available on the Sports range of cars. for example the 128" wb master series modelS 50,51, 54, 54C, 55 & 58 Part # 199786. The parts book does list these models with part #199787 painted face gauges as well. To narrow it down further the pictures of the car models in the front of the parts book show cars with bright nickel finish head lights these cars seem to be the ones with the walnut finished gauges cars 128" wb models 51,54,54C & 55 (in my experience this seems to be an acurate distiction but who really knows) Another unique thing on these cars; with these headlights and park lights that are nickel plated brass drums not the pressed steel drum lights. All other masters of the same year I have seen here in Australia have the plain face gauges. A note be very careful with the walnut gauge faces as the wood is actualy presed into them and the backings are brass. Do not refinish gauge faces in anything but an oil coating matt finish A friend re laquered the gauge faces during restoration with a high gloss finish. Now at night when driving the car with the indirect dash lighting, he cannot see his gauges due to the reflection between the shiny finish and the glass face of the gauges. Trust this helps. Andy
  2. Throw those stupid flexi discs in the bin, With the original three bolt yolks on the gearbox out put shaft and the diff pinion, cut and balance a flat steel plate on each and mount a standard tail shaft with new universal joints. You must get all this balanced. I used a late 50's nos Hillman locally sourced tailshaft as it was suggested and it is the correct size. The car has had this adaption for over twenty years and it made it much more driveable. without loading up either the diff or gearbox (the front uni joint slides on a spline which is much more flexible than those fabrics. My 30E Coach loves to cruise on the highway at 47 mph with no vibration. Also you must check the condition of the gearbox output shaft rear bearing retaining housing/speedo drive as this is die cast (pot metal ) if this lets go what a mess. Your vibration could be coming from this cracked, warped or grown housing as this will allow the output shaft bearing to move in the gearbox,and eventually destroy the housing and the gearbox and gears. We have a chap here that remakes both the three bolt and four bolt bearing housings as used in Olds 30A,B,C,D,E and F28/29 gearboxes If you need photos I shall see what I can do Regards Andy
  3. Hi guys I recently came across a couple of 20" wire wheels that I now own they are from a 1928/29 Olds I was wondering is there many cars in the US with this option they look like Houk type wheels . I need to chase up hubs and centre spindles if I was to use them but I dont know what I'm looking for . Question is would they be adaptable to a 4W.B 30 E 1927 as the spindles are the same as a 28 Thanks Andy
  4. G Day all, My names Andrew from Melbourne Australia (Way down under) I have a 1927 Master Buick sports tourer (55X) nearing completion of restoration finally. This was the first car I bought and it still isn't finished after 30 odd years Probably would be driving it if I hadn't restored a 1927 30E Olds Coach chased parts for both cars all over Australia, helped my father with his car projects, got married, built a house, had kids, run kids to sports all weekend etc oh well now its my time. Got to go eldest daughter wants dad to go with her to look at maybe buy a car (she recently got her drivers licence) Regards Andy
  5. Strange that you say Holden could not seperate from Buick/GM The first Holden was A baby Buick designed and built by Buick [factual reference:75 years of Buick page 215 a picture of a Holden model 48 215] The design etc sent to Australia and now Holdens live every where and only a few Buicks come to Australia, Australasia. Holdens still use V6 Buick engines built in Australia amongst other GM sourced engines. As far as a contest goes there is no contest why would you by a car that is esentially the same as one from over the border. (same continent)? must have been tax breaks for the market at the time and remember Empire British was every thing at that time here . Living on an island on the other side of the world we were lucky to get a car at all Thanks Andy
  6. PMO, What is interesting about the past is that body builders all over the world found Buicks to be a good standard for the basis of their cars as did Durrant of GM fame. In the past in Australia a Holden bodied car was Shunned as the imported car was seen to be more desireable. It was found on some of the lesser value cars that more was given by Holdens than the original manufacturers eg; Ford tourers with external door handles, Rugby's with GM type VV ventilator windsceens where none existed on imported bodies. In recent years Vintage and Classic Holden bodied cars are now celebrated and accepted with pride by owners, this should be the case with McLaughlin Buicks. Celebrate the uniqueness and similarity, what a great talking point two or more cars the same year and make but different . The steel bodied cars of the thirties hold some reverence here now due to the engineering and cleverness of Holdens to make two basic body styles fit from Chevs to LaSalles, Studebakers to Vauxhalls and to be done with in model and calender years. Unbelivable when you think about it. Not to mention the Sloper sedans. If the Badge on the front says Buick the engine is Buick then thats what is regardless of what local content and body it's still a Buick. Lets preserve as many as we can. Regards Andy
  7. An interesting read this thread is! A lot of intersting thoughts To throw a new hat in the ring As an Australian and Celebrating Buicks as the great cars they are/were Officially we havent had Buicks here (down under) for around 60 years except for private imports.(The First Holden car was a Buick first. 48-215) We have Holdens. Holdens go wordwide and Australia is still proftable for Generous Motors we are in expansion mode. Holdens go to Seth Africa marketed as Chevs, Pontiacs in the USA, Vauxhalls in England and our Statesmans go to the Middle East as either Buicks or Cadillacs can't remember but Australian cars go everywhere except as a Holdens. Check the Vin number of your modern car it might be a Holden/Buick/Chev etc made in Australia. GMH do make cars for lefty drive countries. Originally Holden and Frost were Carriage & Harness makers in Adelaide from the 1850's a really old company (gives Mc Laughlin a run for their money.) Holdens really started making bodies for lots of cars around 1914 but by the mid twenties they were GM HOLDEN and building around 70,000 bodies a year for many auto makers' cars. eg Fords, Austins, GM brands USA independants, etc Do you guys have any imported original /restored etc cars from Australia there? It would be very interesting to see you Judge a Vintage or Classic Holden bodied Buick. A Right hand drive car possibly with Chev or Vauxhall Brakes, who knows? let alone the right hand drive McLaughlin Buick, or a USA Buick with maple leaves on the engine castings. (replacement parts used? ). I can tell you it just makes it harder to replace stuff and identify originality. I have no Idea what these dilemas are other than a piece of engineering mastery, and an old Buick that is to be celebrated as part of historical significance no matter where it was made, assembled and driven. Our cars are driven on the wrong side of the car/road to Nth America is this bad?(would it affect a car in USA Judging?) Just a few interesting thoughts for Buick/ Holden collectors now and of the future. Regards Andy
  8. I found a 12volt DC solenoid valve locally from refrigeration parts wholesaller. Forget to mention my old car runs 12 volt system. although a decent resistor should reduce voltage. Lots of modern Air conds use 12 volt DC and less for coils etc As a refrigeration man this was easy to track down a compatible valve and coil (used is an Alco 1/4" SAE refrigeration thread flare fitting.) [does look a bit ugly but safe] Solenoid valves and coils used for refrigeration must cope with oils, high pressures and be compliant to very high standards including explosive refrigerants such as propane. So low pressure petrol would less risk? Check with your local manufacturer/supplier if the valve and soleniod is okay to run on petrol system prior to installation. Most refrigeration components still come from the USA Refrigeration components can make good alternatives as they have the same threads SAE type (prior to unified threads) and 45 degree angle flare as old fuel line fittings. Regards Andy
  9. Stewart vac tanks, great while they work; a pain in the #@&~ when they play up. Good practice with any vintage car is to turn off the fuel at the vac tank bowl filter. One thing to check is to make sure the fuel system is clean and all screens are free of crud and dirt causing fouling of operating parts. I run an injector additive in the fuel of my 27 Olds occassionally this helps to remove scum and build upon valves needles and sceens etc. ( We have lots of technology why not use it to keep our old cars efficient) Also I have installed is a fuel solenoid valve in line just after the outlet of the vac tank and before the carbie, this eliminates the problem of overflowing fuel out of the carbie and flooding when I have forgotten to turn off the stop cock when the car is turned off. The soleniod is wired to the back of the ignition switch "on" position via a fuse. This allows the vac tank to retain it's head of fuel on the carburettor without the loss of fuel. Usually the problem with the fuel system is the fuel float/ needle valve in the carbie as the vac tank does its job well. regards Andy
  10. Hi, Have you found an external oil pump that fits on the timing chain cover yet? If not I have a couple of good used spares, cast iron ones the earlier die cast yuk no good Postage from Melbourne on a small item like that not to bad Regards Andy
  11. Met a guy at local swap meet he has a 27 seven pass sedan, full car stripped parts and other remains dont know what it's like. All sheetmetal seems there from photo he showed me I can chase up if you want ? expensive to ship from Melbourne Australia though regards Andy
  12. "Wow" guys this is really complicated, the more you guys say the larger the pool of cars in this country (Australia) seems to be getting. With no confimed definate numbers of cars imported or manufactured here,I was wondering how many actual registrations there were this would confirm figures. Interesting to note no one has commented on the LaSalle body look alike observation (almost indendical in size and dimensions even down to the body moulding lines height and position) I would like to say thanks to all and very infomative 'Keep it up'
  13. I need some help in order to complete the restoration of my '27 55x sports tourer. A couple of items are giving me grief. 1/Needed urgently a pattern or a drawing or a tracing of the rear mounted trunk rack so that I can make one to complete the body work. 2/ a pattern of the inside door sills What are they like? 3/If possible a'27Master exhaust manifold thanks Andrew Balzary email balzary@bigpond.com
  14. I forgot if you go to Oldsmobile club of Australia site there is a front end photo of each model. Oldsmobile club of Australia home.vicnet.net.au/~oldsclub/ Regards Andy
  15. Years ago my father had '28 and '29 oldsies it is interesting to read that this car is a right hand drive car. As I am from Australia and remember dads' old cars you will probablly find the body plate if there is one on the pasengers side (left hand side)timber chassis rail just inside the front door (This was a standard position for Holden bodied cars) Also a quick way to identify a '28 was they had cowl mounted parking lamps and no no vertical chrome rods from the headlamps,the badge was oval. '29's had parking lights in the headlamps and no cowl lamps they had vertical chrome rods from the head lamps to the front apron and a different badge also a tie bar oldsmobile in it between the headlights. This is not to mention that the radiator surrounds are different and the shutters on them are different sizes betwen the two models. hope this helps Andy
  16. Thanks guys for the info on manufacture numbers of the sports tourer Does any one know if these were sent as knocked down units and assembled in Australia or fully imported. The reason I ask is that the car I have has so many subtle differences from the locally assembled Holden bodied cars.(Nothing fits) In fact the only body that I have seen that resembles my Buick was on a 1927 LaSalle tourer it was almost idendical and it was a Fisher bodied car.
  17. As I live in Australia and Iam restoring a '27 sports tourer model 55x (right hand drive)I was wondering how many of these cars have survived in the U.S.A. According to figures that have been mentioned to me that around 600 of these cars where for export (X after model number,factory rh drive). In all the years of collecting and restoring my car I have come across around 20 of these cars from remains to restored cars in Australia?This equates to around 3% of the total export cars. Surely not all these cars came to Australia?. Would this be a similar figure in the U.S.A? Hard to get parts for here.
  18. G'day I know how hard it is for patterns of the wood frame. I have not long ago rehung all the metal back on to the new frame of my '27 55x sports tourer and would be happy to advise you where I can (my car is right hand drive )It took me ten years to piece togather the construction. Do you have a trunk rack on your car as I need a pattern, tracing for it to manufacture one.
  19. As a new member to this forum and from Australia I can only go on local experience and knowlege to me. A few local guys I know of have had new radiator cores made as per the original honeycomb type these are available from New Zealand and at around about $1000.00au dollars however they reuse the old tanks where available. I belive the cores can be ordered directly if the dimensions and number of passes is known. I shall try to find out the address if possible and post it Andy
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