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  1. I have a 1928 Buick Master mod 50. My rims are Jaxon no 34, Black.
  2. Who is the best parts supplier for Delco - Remy starter parts on my 1928 Buick? Number on the tag: 725-A 224868
  3. Oregon Desert Model 45, FLYER 15015, and michealbernal, thanks. This is what I was looking for. FLYER 15015: Do you have a closer photo without the trunk on it? michealbernal: Im looking forward to your photos/info. Again, thank you all!
  4. I have an idea about building a trunk platform on the rear of my car. I want to buy a suitable trunk, and I want to keep the spare tire (1), with the original holder behind the trunk. Does anyone have photos of how this can be done? I would be very greatful. My car is a 1928 Buick mod 50.
  5. I searched eBay every day in 3 years before I found one for my 1928 Master. That was about 6 months ago. Keep searching. Good luck
  6. I`m looking for the horn button and the light switch handle on my model 50. The horn button was missing, and the handle was broken when I purchased my car.
  7. Spinneyhill. Thank you for the answer. I will first try to remove the old cylinder, because here are no locksmith near by where I live. I have removed all the small parts, and then it looks like the photo. It is that piece on the top that prevents me to remove the bezel. I hope the old cylinder is not totally stuck, because I can see it moves a little bit when I try to turn it with my new key. Do you think my new cylinder is the correct one for this handle? Thank you.
  8. Hello, I have a 1928 Buick Master with this locking handle, but I do not have any key for it. I m not sure if this is the correct handle for this car, but since all four handles are the same type, I decided to keep them. All doorlocks are working fine. The outside length of the handle is 4 1/4", the length of the handle included the axle is 4 13/16". A few weeks ago I bought a new locking cylinder which I hope is the correct one for this handle. It is a Briggs & Stratton cylinder. Outside diam is 5/8"( which is the same as the old one), inside diam is 1/2". Total length i
  9. I m going to change the transmission oil. Does anyone know how much oil I need on transmission and rear axle? What type of oil do you use?
  10. I visited the new owner of this car the last weekend. The Pedersen is a nice small beauty.
  11. Dave_B. Today I was trying to push the wire you very kindly sent to me, a while ago, up into the housing from the gas tank end. Im sure it is the correct type wire, both thickness and quality, I compared it with a small piece of the old wire remaining in the housing. But I must have dome somthing wrong, the wire would not go through. The hole in the tank end is VERY thin, so it was impossible to get the wire in if I folded it. So I tried without folding it, but it stopped about halfway through. I tried so many times, that the wire you sent me, now is destroied. Do you have any idea
  12. I just purchased a 1928 Buick Master mod 50. The car misses the outside sun visor, and I will try to make a new one, with new aluminium edges. I just got a pair of supports via ebay. Can anyone provide me with measures etc. Or maybe a close up photo. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I found this 8 years old posting. Is there any possibility for you to produce new water outlets now? I have a 1928 Buick master with 4 legs on my outlet. I live in Norway.
  14. Thank to Leif and unimogjohn. Anybody else who can help?
  15. Hello During restoration of my car I have discovered (at least) 3 problems: - The light switch is broken, and has to be replaced. I have searced the ebay and other places on the internet, without any luck. I guess there is no possibility to find a new one (or NOS), so I am looking for a good used one. Anybody who can help me? - The ignition switch is very hard to turn around (on / off). I have purchased a new ignition lock, but I guess it is no use to install this, before the switch is working. Is it possible to dismantle the lock so I can oil it? Do I have to take the whole un
  16. Hi, I am interested in the housing If it is in good condition. Could you send me a coupple of photos? Specially interested in both ends of the housing. What is the price? Email: einar.bakke(at)norpost.net BR Einar
  17. Hi, Do you know If this firm have all parts needed to make a new, both cable and casing for a 1928 Buick 128" ?
  18. Thanks to both of you for your help. 27donb: Could you please measure the total length of your cable, and the length of the casing (without the nuts). I would also like to know the inner diameter of the nuts. I understand that you have tried the cable on your car, and that both the cable and the nuts fits. By the way, I have a 1924 - mod 49. Thank you.
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