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  1. Does anyone know the whereabouts and ownership of Liberace's 1954 Cadillac convertible. It has a piano keys motif on the upholstery.
  2. Thank you, yes I saw them & I've seen the Dodge at the Chrysler Museum. We were specifically seeking a Chrysler. The WPC has found us two, a Windsor & an Imperial. Would still look to find one east of the Mississippi or in Europe.
  3. Thanks West, I was aware of the Dodge and probably that could be used but the Chrysler was unique.
  4. Seeking a 39 Chrysler Hayes coupe to photograph & measure to produce 1:43 handbult model. The manufacturer is the leader in this field and is licensed by DaimlerChrysler.
  5. Leading manufacturer of handbuilt white metal car models is seeking this car to measure and photograph for a future model.
  6. Does anyone have a 1955 Chrysler Windsor Station Wagon? Brooklin Models Ltd., in Bath, England manufactures high quality handbuilt 1:43 scale white metal models of American cars. We would like to produce this car and need to find one to accurately measure and photograph. Your help would be appreciated.
  7. UBB1-ML-399802-ML- moved to general forum. Wayne
  8. The Navajo interior was a 1941 option, it may have been offered in 42, and 46-49. There was also an American Indian Thunderbird interior offered in 1942 and possibly post-war. I am interested in that one as well. They are both very rare.
  9. Does anyone have a color picture of the Navajo upholstery? What years, series, and body styles was it available?
  10. I did come across something in CA Vol. I No. 6 that Cadillac executives were afraid that in a fender-bender the headlight would get out of whack if it was in the fender. Dick Browne
  11. I've always wondered why the 1940 Cadillac continued with free-standing headlights while the rest of GM, even LaSalle, had headlights faired into the fenders. Anyone have an answer or opinion?
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