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  1. Where can I get a valve cover gasket for the 1989 4cyl Maserati/cosworth eng. thanks, Jeff 317 502 6519
  2. I have a 1989 TC Turbo with a 5 speed Getrag tran. My odometer just quit working-The speedometer works. How can I get it fixed? goltd@insightbb.com 317 502 6519 Jeff
  3. I need an oil filler cap. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Help I have had my car garaged for 6 months and have not started it-being it has a turbo should I do anything to the engine before I start it-Please I know I am an Idiot for not starting it now and then -but it did have a gas line leak and I have to get thet fixed first. Jeff
  5. Need to fix the Odometer the Speedometer works Jeff
  6. I am a complete novice- Do these have a Timing chain or Timing belt? If Belt how often do I change?
  7. Looking for the Baldwin Oil Filter part # for the 1989 TC 16V It is the filter recommended by Russ Kinze on his TC Garage web page Are they any good? Thanks, Jeff
  8. What is the part number for the 1989 TC Cosworth eng (Baldwin Filters) Thanks, Jeff
  9. Just started -I have a 1989 5 speed -will the parts u have listed match my car? Thank you, Jeff
  10. Thanks- Can I get this serviced at the local Chrysler dealer? Where do I get oil filters etc??? Jeff 317 502 6519
  11. I have found a 1989 T C w/5 speed- need to know what to look for in the way of problems- thanks Jeff
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