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  1. Guys, Im in the process of redoing the whole top frame, etc on our 56. However, I have a problem regarding the frame and Im hoping someone can help... The issue relates to the forward most pivot points on the side rails - the pivot point that is about in line with the forward most front door glass run/the back of the vent window. The previous owner replaced the chrome pivot pins with a bolt on each side. Problem is that on one side the flat metal arm is on the outside of the mounting lug, and on the other side it is on the inside (towards the passenger compartment) of the mounting lug. Which is correct? I have spent the afternoon going through shop manuals/body assy manuals, catalogs, etc, but since it was a pre-made sub assy from a contractor, detailed drawings arent found in any of those. Can anyone help? Im trying to get the frame put back together today, so I need help urgently!! THANKS
  2. Thanks for the response. So far I have had 2 resto shops and a parts house say black, Ron at ABC say off-white, and ive gotten no response from the Chief Judge of the CVA.... Several have also said it depends on the color of the top liner - and a black top can have a tan or black liner... <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  3. You may want to reach out to a company called Tee-Bird products. They have the most comprehensive catalog for '55 and '56 full-sizr fords i have ever found, and they are realy helpful/friendly. Their catalog has a lot of assy diagrams (from the original parts books), plus they sell service manuals, etc. I dont have their # handy, but they show up if you google their name. They are in Exton, PA.
  4. Factory on all of them is vaccuum. Electric is an aftermarket/modern replacement. However, it is an invisible improvement!
  5. Umm... what car? If a 55 or 56 ford, do you mean the damper door in the heater box underr the glove box after the heater core, or the ones in the fresh air ducts in the fenders?
  6. Car is a 56 Fairlane Sunliner. Fiesta red/black two tone. I ma in the process of doing the top - it will be black (most likely canvas - i think that was correct) Does anybody know whatcolor the frame should be for the top? It was originally an eggshell white, BUT it had a white covt top originally. Some have said it should be black if with a black top. Anybody know for sure? Thanks!!!
  7. Does the wiper motor have to be original vaccuum? i replaced mine with electric and never looked back. You can run dummy vaccuum lines and nobody will be the wiser....
  8. Nope, there is no centralized fuse panel on a '56. There are various in-line fuses or circuit breakers on certain circuits, but no main panel/block
  9. 1955 was the last year for 6volt systems in ford. They converted to 12 volt for all cars in 1956.
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