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  1. I have a collection of 12 TCs would like to sell some or all of them. If interested check out Craigslist Indianapolis.
  2. Just purchased 203976 1989 Light Yellow, Ginger, Tan, DOHC nice car with 38k actual miles
  3. Just purchased 204431, 1989, Light Yellow, Ginger, Tan, DOHC
  4. Just acquired two more to add to list: ZC2FP1101KB202132 89 Light Yellow, Ginger, Black SOHC, Missing engine and some other parts ZC2FS1201LB205157 90 Light Yellow, Ginger, Tan V-6
  5. Correction of previous post 90 and 91 are V-6s not SOHC as shown
  6. TCs I have just purchased: 205157 1990 Light Yellow Ginger Tan SOHC 201681 1989 Royal Cabernet Ginger Tan SOHC (parts car) 208536 1991 Exotic Red Black Black SOHC 204197 1989 Royal Cabernet Bordeaux Black SOHC
  7. I had the same problem and I replaced the relay and had no more battery drain
  8. I modified Rubber Queen cup holders for my TCs. Check pictures. The ash tray and lighter are still useable. Only draw back is they retract.
  9. I have 7 TC's that I would like to add to the database89 6/89 201607 Cab/Gin/Tan 8 auto no yes yes 81k* 89 3/89 201852 Cab/Gin/Blk 8 auto no yes yes 50k*89 6/89 203639 Cab/Bur/Blk 8 auto no yes no 37k* 90 9/89 205250 Wh/Gin/Tan v-6 auto no yes no 91k90 11/89 206368 Blk/Blk/Blk v-6 auto no yes no 110k90 12/89 206713 Blk/Blk/Blk v-6 auto no yes no 114k*89 6/88 200259 Cab/Bur/Blk 8 auto no no yes 51k *Licensed and on the road First time to reply on forum hope it's correct
  10. I replaced mine with a used window. If you do this make sure you get all the material that surrounds it included. You don't need to worry about breaking it as long as you follow instructions in owners manual. If you use plastic or plexiglass I would suggest a shop.
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