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  1. one pc w/ stainless trim . 1800.- is what I would like to get as parts or whole.
  2. here is some pic,s I just sold the ends of the bumpers , so i guess it,s a parts car now.
  3. Selling whole car or parting it out. Matching # Car. Factory air!I also have some special parts. Call me ! Lets talk. 704-737-0929 Rune
  4. OOOPS ! your so rigth ! I forgot the first car was a Special
  5. FS 2 front fenders. from a 57 Century and a Special parts car i got for eng.parts. I wish they fit my 76R since they are rustfri and dentfri. $100.00 ea. I have grill and bumper parts also, will take AC Pump, or other good parts for a 57 in trade. Can bring them to the Autofair in Charlotte in April or (East coast up to Vermont maybe?)
  6. Hi. I got a 76 R and I need some parts, do you got a trim pc. for corner of rear window ? p.side? for starters ?? Thanks Rune Charlotte NC