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  1. Thanks for the information. Now I have a starting point. I will put a dial indicator on the fly wheel to check for runout and carry the starter to a starter rebuild shop. Thanks again everyone for the input.
  2. Good Evening All I am looking for some advice on a problem starter. The starter on my 1926 Standard Six locks up from time to time. When this happens the motor will not turn. I can put the car in third gear and rock it back and forth. This will break it loose and then everything works good for a while. This has happened a number of times. I have changed out the gear ring on the fly wheel with the correct ring. (118 Teeth) The starter bendix looks good to me. Is there a cure for this???? I don't have any clue on what to do. I have looked through the documentation that I have and can find no info on this problem. Thanks Thanks
  3. My parts car is off to the scrap dealer tomorrow. Ken Gasch
  4. I have a few parts for the headlight switch on a 1926 Standard Six. I think they will work on the 1925. Thanks Ken GASCH
  5. Gary Thanks for the info. I am redoing my distributor and it has a shim listed as Shaft Shim______41x277. Does your list contain this part number???? I was looking to get the thickness of the shim. Thanks Ken GASCH
  6. Good Evening All I need some help with Studebaker Part Numbers listed in the Parts Catalog for Series 23-24-25. All nuts, bolts, screws, washers and shims are listed with a number such as show below. Condenser nut________________26x29 Condenser nut washer__________40x31 Timer base plate clamp screw____55x10 My question is are these part numbers unique to Studebaker or were they a way of calling out hardware in the "Olden Days"????? Today we use a term like 1/4 x 20 x 1. Thanks Ken Gasch
  7. Good Morning All I am almost through with my restoration. (1926 Standard Six) I have a lot of parts left on my parts car.So if anyone needs anything let me know. Thanks Ken GASCH 214-821-9013
  8. Need help with the ID of this body. This body was found on a creek bank. I think it might be a 1929 Studebaker, but I am not sure. Thanks
  9. Good Morning All Can anyone suggest a way to keep the rust from bleeding out on the piano hinges used on the four piece hoods of early Studebakers. I have the hood apart now and I hope to be able to prevent the inside of the hinges from rusting. Thanks Ken GASCH
  10. Look at this site McMaster-Carr part number 2162K14 is an 18 inch long Hose that screws into a modern grease gun and has the correct female coupler to mate to the alemite grease fittings. Part number 1089K11 gets the brass male grease fitting. The only place that I know of that has the cap is Restoration Supply Company RSC. The Part number is LUB091 Hope this helps. Ken GASCH
  11. Dan I got your PDF. I will take it with me next week when I talk with the instructor and I will let you know what we need. If I can program the cnc we will have all of the plates we need. Ken GASCH gasch@sbcglobal.net
  12. Dan I sure appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks Ken GASCH
  13. Does anyone have or know where I can get a drawing for the Pop Metal plate the the points mount on in a Remy distributor for a 1926 Standard Six. I am going to make a few for myself and anyone else that wants them. This all depends on me programing a CNC Mill. Thanks Ken GASCH
  14. John The side curtains have been shipped via UPS. They should be there Friday or Monday. They are complete and will require cleaning up and adding new canvas. Tracking # 1Z7441E00364992602 Shipping is $20.50. Hope they work for you. Thanks Ken GASCH
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