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  1. Is a 1987 Olds 442 hardtop w 150k miles worth buying? The owner has the original window sticker and copy of original title. Appears to be in good orginal shape. He wants $2800 for it. Any comments?
  2. Thanks Rocketraider. I will definitely try replacing the sockets. As far as the sitting low, the car currently has 15 in 225/75/15 which really make it look low. I'm not into the bagged or lowered look, I like the nice level ride with some spoke wheels. Do you know of other vehicle apps that I can buy the springs? Would the Buick Riv or Olds Delta of the same year work? Thanks again.
  3. My Delmont sits pretty low and it only has 65,000 miles with the 350. If I replace with stock springs and shocks will this raise it enough? Also, tailights don't work. Everytime i replace the fuse it blows. Any Help?
  4. Do you have the rear deck panel that sits in the back window, dome light, and any other interior lights?
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