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  1. Looking for a 68-74 Nova 2 DR, good body, don't have to run, am located in the pocono's.
  2. Looking for a 60-62 American convertable or a 72-76 Gremlin in or around the Pocono's PA. Don't have to run! Thanks
  3. Had a clutch installed on a 39 Special coupe, its grabs just off the floor, has 1 to 1 3/4 in free play, tryed to adjust both ways still grabs just off the floor, is this OK and will it get highter with use?
  4. I had a Gremlin X 304 and 3 speed, it ran great, but my wife couldn't drive stick. Did get her a 77 but it was that green AMC had, not a nice color. Need a runner, just for fun, have a 47 Chevy and a 55 F100, the pickup is for sale.
  5. Thanks West, will have to think about that! STEVE
  6. Looking for a Gremlin (any year) in or around PA for sale or trade.
  7. Anyone in or around PA have a Gremlin for sale or trade?
  8. STEVE1103


    Just had a clutch replaced in a 39 Buick, seems to grab very low, has about 2 in free play, should I add or reduce the free play to make it grab a little highter?
  9. Friend is making a 47 coupe into a convertable, putting in a 40 engine, 6 cylinder, ( had a rebuilt one) had to change the manifold and carb, is there a starter we can bolt in, 12 volt, without the rod to push to start? Want to change to a newer type ingnition switch. Also a 12 volt generater that will go on without to much trouble? Thanks, STEVE
  10. 55 F100, rebuilt stock front end, 9 in Rear, no engine or trans, have a motor mount for an FE engine, started putting in a new wiring harness and duel master cylinder. $3500 or trades for older pickup. Truck in PA
  11. 327 Marlin 1966, what should the oil pressure be hot and cold at idle, has 10W 30 in it now and it seems low, 25 cold, and 15 hot. Thinking about putting 20W 50 in to bring it up some. Thanks
  12. Thanks, will check out that site.
  13. Thanks, Do you know, how many different frames they had and are any of the front end parts interchangeable, from the bigger ones to the M5. Did they put a pickup bed on a 1 1/2 Ton truck?
  14. Looking at a 47 11/2 Ton truck,that is what the guy said it was and it had a pickup bed on it,has 2 inch extenders on fenders for biger truck wheels. Would like to know if this truck has the same frame as a regular pickup or did Studebaker make larger frames for there bigger trucks? Truck is about a 5 hour ride from me, don't want to go if I don't have too.
  15. Friend has a 47 coupe, has #70 as the color, anyone know what this color is? Thanks
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