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  1. I need to rewire my 27 Buick Woodie. Most of the wire is destroyed. What gauge to use for each circuit? Thanks
  2. These pieces came out of 1926 Model 27. It includes the two posts in front of the front doors and the curved piece under windshield behind dash. They were used but I used them for a pattern to made new pieces for my 1927 Model 27 Woodie.
  3. I have an intake and an exhaust manifold for a 1927 Buick standard. The exhaust has a bolt hole on the very front and the very back, some had this and some didn't. Like to get $125 for both plus shipping from Falmouth, ME I can e-mail pictures. Steve
  4. I have a good door postthat goes in front of door and cross piece that goes under windshield. You're welcome to them for shipping costs. I got these for patterns for my 27 Woodie wagon. Steve
  5. I Think LaBaron Bonney sells them if not they have the material. Good Luck
  6. I need the rubber wheel liners for both my 26 Buick and 27 Buick. The old ones are a little under 4" wide. Al I can find is 5" wide liners which I think are too wide. I;m using 600 -21 tires on the 26 and 525-550-21 on the 27 Buick. Does anyone know where to get the correct liners?? Thanks
  7. Has anyone worked on a EA power horn Model F made by EA Laborators . I have a horn made by them that I'm planning on using on my 27 Buick. The motor end works fine but no sound. Looks like vibrating part needs work. Thanks Steve
  8. I'm looking for a horn for my 27 Buick, Thanks Steve
  9. Has anyone replaced fan hub oiler on a 48 Ford with a sealed bearing/ Thanks
  10. MARK Would that be same as your son's 29 Buick, I'm using a 28 distributor on my 27 and a 29 distributor on my 26. A lot easier to get all the parts at NAPA and cheaper. thanks Steve
  11. What should be point gap for 28 Buick?? I'm using a 28 Buick distributor in my 27 Buick. Thanks
  12. I have a 26 Buick which i put a shut-off valve at bottom of vacumn tank. Later on I found a fellow in CT who made me a seat with viton tip. Worked good. when I rebuilt the motor I turned the intake upside down and used a single barrel stromberg down daraft carb with electric fuel pump. I know its not orginal but sure works super. i have done the same to my 27 Buick woodie. Just my thoughts.
  13. I had my 26 reflectors done by Uvira, I had them chrome plated first but Uvira would rather have them nickel plated first and thats what I'm going to do my 27 Buick Woodie.
  14. I have a 26 Buick standard and 27 Buick woodie that i bought the switches from LaBarron Bonney and used small lights that they sell. Send me your e-mail address and I'll e-mail pictures. Used same switch on my 48 Ford Conv. ssmith105@maine.rr.com
  15. I have several old Delco Distributors and would like to find someone who could tell me what they fit. I think some fit 28-29 Buick Delco 640J 71082 Delco 640J 79772 Delco 640A 245823 Delco 640A 73499 Delco 640K 46991 Thanks very Much and Merry Christmas
  16. Thank you very much, that sure helps. Have a Merry Christmas Steve
  17. I went to local parts store and they have both smooth finsih and a woven finished rad. hoses by the foot. which is correct?? Also which clamps are correct?? Hate to pay Bob's prices. Thanks
  18. I'm going to have a new roof installed on my 1926 Buick Standard 4-door sedan. It doesn't have the correct moulding. What should it have on the rear and sides?? Did it have any on front or should roof material be tucked under sun visor. Would like to get some pictures and source of moulding. THANKS
  19. Have you tried Lebaron Bonney. I was there today and they had quite a selction of wood bows. good Luck Steve
  20. I was actually down to LeBaron Bonney this morning. They just bought out a company that made seat covers. You might give them a call and see if they could make some for you. Good Luck Steve
  21. I have the front floor boards out of my 27 Buick Woodie which was a 27 Buick Model 27 (Standrad 4-door sedan) I also have a 26 Model 27. I'm going to make new floor boards for the front of the 27 and can make your some patterns or send you my old boards. These are just the removable floor boards in front. e-mail ssmith105@maine.rr.com. Good Luck Steve
  22. A friend of mine is looking for an upper block for a 1929 Buick Model 48, alos needs the water tube. Thanks
  23. I have some 26 Buick Standard push rods you can have for postage Steve e-mail ssmith105@maine.rr.com
  24. I;m looking for an inexpensive car cover, only need to keep dust off my cars. About 34 years ago I bought a nice soft car cover from J.C.Whitney and am still using it today. Does anyone know where to get a nice soft cover?? Thanks
  25. I have been there and you really need to look at the cars in person and make your own decesion.
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