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  1. Mark, What would complete rear end with drive shaft and wheels worth? Thanks Steve
  2. Found a complete rear axle with wheels for sale. Wooden wheels with B on hub cap. Tires size are 5.25-5.50 x 18 4 ply. Could these be Built parts. Guy only wants $50 or BO in Maine
  3. I am looking for a quite muffler for both my 26 Buick Model 26-27 and my 27 Buick Model 27-27. Now I have a Walker 18253. It is the right size and looks but is kind of loud. I did buy one from muffler company in Hemmings but was even louder. thanks for any help.
  4. The rubber fuel lines on my two antique cars are being eaten away by the 10% ethnol in our fuel. Are there black rubber fuel lines that ethnol doesn't hurt ? Or what would be a good additive to gas to fix my problem ? Thanks
  5. I have both a 26 and 26 Standard, do you think curve is about the same. I had the old 27 windshield and had one made for around $85, make sure to use safety glass. I can made a pattern of mine. The curve I think is the same.
  6. I have an intake and an exhaust manifold for a 1927 Buick standard. The exhaust has a bolt hole on the very front and the very back, some had this and some didn't. Like to get $125 for both plus shipping from Falmouth, ME I can e-mail pictures. Steve
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