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  1. I purchases several items from Bob's and they weren't of the best quality. You might try N.B.Pease and Co. Palmer,MA 1-413-283-7620. Very nice gentleman to deal with. Might me hard to get him on phone as he runs the business all alone. Good Luck


  2. I have found some retainer rings for parking light lense on my 26 Buick. I found them at Lowe's, called reducer washer in electrical dept. 1 1/2"- 1", Neer brand at a cost of 62 cents for 2. Home Depot also has them under another brand name. I kind of found them while working on installing my lawn sprinkler system. The control box had a large opening for conduit which I needed to reduce. While looking at them I matched them with the old retainer ring and were exact size. You will need two per lamp. Good Luck

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