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  1. I just had the clutch in my 26 Buick standard rebuilt by Fort Wayne Clutch and it chatters badly, also sounds like throw bearing is noisy when pushing in clutch pedal. I install a new throw out bearing and pilot bearing. Could I have put it together wrong? It shifts good. Thanks for any help.

  2. I would like to paint my carb. First I will glass bead it. I noticed Eastwood has a silver carb. paint. Has anyone used it and is it any good? What I have is a NOS rebuilt carb that has been setting around for quite awhile and want it to look like new. Thanks

  3. To carbking,

    I'm putting a Stromberg carb BXVD-3 marking on base to a 26 Buick intake manifold which I have turned upside down to use the down-draft carb. A fellow in Austrilia has used a Stromberg carb with a BXV-3 marked on base. I need a 1 1/4" opening at base of carb. I beleive the BXV-3 has a 1 1/4" opening while my BXVD-3 has a 1 1/2" opening. I can make an adapter but can I use the other base on my carb? Thanks for any info.