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  1. I'm looking for some type of grease gun adapter to grease my 27 Buick. Also looking for brake lining material. I called Bob's and he doesn't know if he sells the soft lining material or the hard type. I used the hard type ( like they use on wrinches) and it kink of wore out the drums on another car.. Thanks

  2. Fred

    LeBaron Bonney lists one in their catalog for GM cars Good Luck


    Standard and Master visors are different lengths.

    I have one for a Master that is off my car. About a year and a half ago, I had a copy made for someone. The price was somewhere around $45.00. It may be different now. If you are interested, let me know on the email link below.

    I think that I have one for a 28 Standard somewhere around here.

    Fred fred.rawling@live.com

  3. I have a 1926 standard that had a pilot bearing that slipped forward and let the trans. input shaft float around. Where can I get a brass bushibng instead of the bearing? What are the measurements? Thanks

  4. I just had the clutch in my 26 Buick standard rebuilt by Fort Wayne Clutch and it chatters badly, also sounds like throw bearing is noisy when pushing in clutch pedal. I install a new throw out bearing and pilot bearing. Could I have put it together wrong? It shifts good. Thanks for any help.

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