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  1. I was wondering if you still have the parts that you had from the 1927 Dodge Brothers truck? I bought a 1925 Graham truck and from what I had found, they are basicly the same vehicle. If you don't have the parts, where can I find any parts or detailed drawings of these great trucks? Thanks, Brian
  2. I have one picture of the truck. It looks like it may be a 1 ton truck with a 5 bolt rim. The truck that I had bought was from Minisota on Thanks, Brian
  3. The local library has a great book that listss all the chrysler products and there information form the early 1900 to 2000.
  4. I just bought a 1925 Graham truck and was wondering if anyone has information reguarding the body restoration? I am looking for photo's or drawings of the body. As far as I could tell form the photo, It may have been a Dodge Hack body. Thanks