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  1. check out this price for another low mileage Roadmaster. Fair? High? http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=06105&endYear=2015&keywordPhrases=wagon&modelCode1=BUICKROAD&showcaseOwnerId=583729&startYear=1981&makeCode1=BUICK&searchRadius=100&mmt=[bUICK[bUICKROAD[]][]]&listingId=384833732&Log=0
  2. Those prices are amazing. Is it worth more with wood or wood delete?
  3. Owned by a newscaster in Hartford http://dennishouse.tv/2014/10/09/the-houses-have-a-hearse/
  4. Connecticut Cadillac Buick & GMC Dealership - Scranton Motors
  5. Reason #727 to own a Buick Roadmaster « Channel 3's Dennis House Blogs
  6. A Roadmaster estate was featured on the CBS station in Hartford on their lifestyles show Better Connecticut The Roadmaster gets starring role on Better Connecticut « Channel 3's Dennis House Blogs
  7. loReason # 726 to own a Buick Roadmaster Channel 3's Dennis House Blogs
  8. Yes, I really drive a Buick! Channel 3's Dennis House Blogs
  9. Here's a place to rave about your car. Some tv newscasters in Hartford drive one! http://www.wfsb.com/getinthehouse/index.html
  10. an old Buick was brought to New Haven, CT to be used near Yale University for filming of the new Indiana Jones movie http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-indianajones-pg,0,1141888.photogallery?coll=hc_tab01_layout&index=2
  11. an old Buick was brought to New Haven, CT to be used in the new Indiana Jones movie being filmed near Yale. http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-indianajones-pg,0,1141888.photogallery?coll=hc_tab01_layout&index=2
  12. http://www.autoobserver.com/2007/06/whats_hot_whats.html
  13. http://www.wfsb.com/getinthehouse/index.html
  14. They are in Hartford, CT this week for the Travelers Championship. You can see them at the course in Cromwell, and all over downtown Hartford at the hotels where the players are staying. There must be about a dozen or so Enclaves and they are beautiful.
  15. http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-ctnewclassic0615.artjun15,0,6988485.story?coll=hc-headlines-local
  16. The Lucerne really is a great car and a great step forward for Buick. Up next: Enclave
  17. I saw this posted on gminsidenews.com. It's great news if it is true. ?for what its worth, I was at work today and a friend of mine says he was told about a convertible Buick possibly to be built at our Orion assembly. I said the Velite? he didnt know what name it was but that was the only Buick vert' I've heard of. So I found the pilot team and they said they have been doing feasibility tests on a vert' Buick.....don't know how much to read into it but who knows.....we can run any platform at Orion.....but what about moving the G6 to Fairfax and building the Camaro, Velite at Orion?"
  18. This in reponse to LA Times article: LINK
  19. I love Buicks but am wondering which Buick made today will be a classic in the future. The Buick Velite would be http://www.rsportscars.com/eng/cars/buick_velite.asp It is just beautiful and I think GM should greenlight its production. Any GM/Buick insiders know if this will happen? We need a new Buick convertible, it's been too long.
  20. Does anybody know why they brought the LaCrosse super to NY?
  21. Whoops. My bad. Mine came back, too. I forgot the dot. His e-mail is barry.stavro@latimes.com
  22. The Los Angeles Times ran an article this past Sunday trashing Buick and its future. The author, John O'Dell, started off by saying Buick was founded by William Durant. The Times ran a correction yesterday, saying it was founded by David Buick. O'Dell interviewed a person who did not buy a Buick, rather than someone who did. He also did not mention the following: 1. Buick outsells Acura, Mercury, Cadillac, Saab, Saturn, Infiniti, Jaguar, Audi, etc. 2. Buick sales are soaring in China. 3. Buick beats Toyota, Acura, Honda, and dozens of other brands in the JD Power quality surveys. It also beats every other GM brand. 4. He criticized the Lucerne, which is outselling both the Park Avenue and LeSabre. 5. He failed to mention '06 Buick truck sales are climbing, 11% above 2005. The Rainier is 40% above last year. 6. He did not mention the BCA is growing with new members every month. 7. He did not mention he drives a Subaru. 8. He did not mention that Buick's average age is dropping from 69 to 65. O'Dell's editor is Barry Stavro. We should all e-mail him with our disgust over the article. barrystavro@latimes.com I also think the president of the BCA should send a letter to the editor.
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