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  1. Wayne, I tried but the system will not allow me to re-register with the same email. Guess I will just keep my old ID. Thanks for the kind words about our region's newsletter. Paul Noller Venice Region
  2. I received my Master Editor letter - Thanks. I have already sent in the required info. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the meeting. Hopefully next year I can free up some time. I was asking about the other awards to see what award level my wife received for our Regions's web site. By the way, is there a simple way to change my profile name from 31SportCoupe to my actual name? I searched profile editor and could not find a way to change the profile ID. Should I simply delete the old profile and make a new profile? Thanks, Paul Noller Venice Region
  3. Any idea on when the other awards will be promulgated? Thanks
  4. Any idea when the 2011 Logos and Webmaster Award recipients will be posted? No rush - just working on my March newsletter. Thanks, Paul Noller PS: Received my Master Editor Award in the mail yesterday. Very nice!
  5. Thanks Wayne, One of these years, in the not too distant future, I anticipate attending the Annual Meeting. It would have been much easier when we lived just across the river in Mount Holly, NJ. Thanks for all you do to help us to create a better product for our members. Paul
  6. I got my letter today. My first Master Editor Award! Feels nice to be appreciated. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the meeting in Philadelphia. Keeping the economy moving forward in SouthWest Florida will not allow me to take any time off in February. Besides it is way too cold way up there! I am asking around if anyone from the Region will be attending. If not, how do I arrange to have the award sent to me? Paul Noller Venice FL Region
  7. No matter what I do to adjust the timing and/or carb - my 31 Sport Coupe will not go over 50mph. I have been told it might have a p/u rear end in it. The 10 leaf rear spring might be a hint! How do you check the gear ratio to tell? I remember something about counting the revolutions of the rear tires over a set distance but can't remember the details. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul Noller
  8. Wow - That's what I call service. Thanks, Paul
  9. I just recently took over as editor of our local newsletter and would like to know where to get AACA graphics to use in the newsletter. Thanks, Paul Noller
  10. Thanks for the reply. I remember the magazine. In fact I still have a copy of one issue from the mid 70's. This issue in particular has a photo of Jack's Roadster on the back cover. The photo was taken during a hill climb at a meet in, I think, Rochester. My cousin and I are in the rumble providing plenty of ballast for grip on the way up the hill. We won the contest. By the way since you are from Buffalo, you probably know an old friend, Pat McFarlane. If you see him say Hi for me. I'm trying to plan a trip up North this summer and the Batavia show is a good excuse. By the way, I fat fingere
  11. Rick, Thanks for the reply. Gene must have been quite a guy. I was given his name at a car show recently. The individual told me the car looked like the quality of a car he would have worked on. I called the shop and had a nice conversation with Dave. He didn't remember the car and the previous owner's names, Willard and Pearl Marshall, didn't turn up in his files. It was a nice try. Again thanks for the info. Paul
  12. My Uncle, Jack Brendle from Amherst NY, had a yellow 32 V8 right hand drive Roadster that was sold at Hershey in 83 or 84. He also had a blue 32 V8 Four Door Sedan that he sold and shipped to Sarasota FL around 1980. Now that I am in the "hobby" with my own car, I would just like to know what has happened to these cars. Any info would be gratefully appreciated. Thank, Paul
  13. I recently purchased a 31 Sport Coupe that was restored over 35 years ago as a touring car. When I bought the Sport Coupe I discovered a built-in under body storage box full of spare parts. Just about anything you might need while touring; water pump,distributor, ignition, gasket material, tools, wiring harness, assorted nuts & bolts and etc. The box is the width of the body and runs from the front seat to just in front of the rumble seat and is roughly 5 inches deep. Access is through a removeable floorboard in the rumble. My question - Has anyone else seen this done? It is a great idea
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