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  1. Nice one! Is there a V12 engine in it? What would the price be?
  2. 1938 LINCOLN ZEPHYR V12 sedan might be sold to an enthusiastic person my Lincoln is properly rusted V12 engine condition unknown Bergen, Norway
  3. I have a 1938 Lincoln Zephyr sedan with the V12 267 CID engine It is pretty rusted, frames are intact, bottom plate is badly i shape. Is there a book available for the bodywork? There has been done some "restoration" in the 60ies, this includes some bad fixing, and it is not possible to find out what the original profiles under the doors should look like... Are there also available body parts fore the Zephyr 1938? The V12 engine i told to be weak in construction. I want to keep this engine in the car, what should I do to make it last. I have not started it yet, but it is told to me to have bee
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