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  1. need a water pump impeller for a 1925 special. any one have one laying around they could sell??? Merry Christmas bj in fla.
  2. now i know why my 25 special six runs hot! the water pump impeller was in 3 pieces. so: SANTA: do you have a impeller that you could sell? need one bad! b.j. in fla.
  3. used these guys when i restored a 31 olds. good stuff
  4. today was a red banner day: a one in a million studebaker person had one, sent it to me, installed this afternoon, works like a charm: thanks to all that read/replied/offered ideas, thanks to all: now about this speedometer drive housing: :-) b.j.
  5. the speedometer housing that goes into the transmission on my 25 studebaker duplex is broken: want to buy the complete unit or just the housing, what ever it takes to get the speedometer working.
  6. the housing is broken on my 1925 duplex coupe; need either the housing or the complete unit; what ever it takes to make my speedometer work.
  7. you guy's are worth a million! thanks all the way around: i "will" get this duple correct with a lot of help from folks like yall. happy camper b.j.
  8. the hydro-pneumatic gas gauge in my 25 duplex does not work. i have an "audels" automotive manual that gives the principal of operation: a variable head of gasoline producing a variable pressure of air, which in turn upsets the equilibrium of liquid in a u tube" the dash unit is simply) a u tube that containing a "heavy red liquid", one leg of the tube being made of glass so that the rise and fall of the red liquid (due to variable level of the gasoline is visible. ) with all the above understood to a happy level, what in the world was the "heavy red liquid" that was placed into the tube? how much heavy red liquid, once we find out what it is, would be installed in the tube? could this liquid still be in the tube, hid somewhere from the dash back to the tank???? aren't old cars fun!
  9. thanks guys for all the info and help. I have the generator drive problem fixed with the jaw coupling ( thanks stude8) have had limited luck with the generator end frame, however, don't give up helping, please, any one going to hershey that may find the end frame or generator i will be interested. (904) 613 5522. one of my electrical geru' friends pick up the light switch said he could fix it,keeping fingers crossed here also. don't mean to rant, more than anything else just wanted to say thanks to all. regards b.j.
  10. just a thought: if the starter ring gear can be reoved, remove and re-install 90 degrees from the original spot. most of the times an engine will stop at the same two areas, by moving the ring gear you will have "new" teeth for the starter to ingage. just an idea
  11. there was a corvette one half restore like you mentioned in corvette fever, remember it being a v59? remember comments being made as being a half a%% restoration
  12. i have a 31 deluxe two door- if someone needs parts that were "left over" from the restoration process, most are serviceable, some so-so. a couple of engines, one runs, the other for parts, let's see if we can't get some of these back into service. please/please no swap meet vendors, do have a set of 6 wood spoke wheels, no hubs.....b.j. cannon cell 904 613 5522
  13. thanks ken: keeping my fingers crossed:rolleyes: b.j.
  14. if i don't stop piddling on this 25 studebaker, standard engine, before you know it-i'll either be broke, or have a lot of parts for sale! now the next part/parts/info the generator was not working, removed found the rear housing is distorted, broken, bent, twisted, cracked-other than that it's in fair shape, so i need either a generator rear pot metal housing, or info on what i should do:rolleyes:, also there is a coupling that connects the generator to the drive shaft to the front of the engine, inside there are 4 blocks of some sort of hard rubber that looks like the rear of the generator, yep cracked, worn, split, and the list goes on, need info where i may find these parts also. i have something working on maybe the parts to fix the light switch, keeping my fingers crossed. guys i rally thank any and all that has and those that will take a minute-i take advice very well. regards b.j. cannon, newbee to studebakers 1925 duplex roadster EQ that is beautiful!
  15. working head light switch for a 1925 studebaker: mounts on the end of the steering column. thanks b.j.
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