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  1. mfmccagh

    49-50 olds parts wtb

    need the stainless steel moulding above the window on a 49-50 olds deluxe 88 or a 49-52 deluxe chevy coupe, sedan or fastback. thanks, mike mccagh at 301 777 0089 or
  2. need a left(drivers side) gravel shield for a 50 olds coupe.also the stainless trim over the drivers side door(the top piece) for the sqame 50 olds cute. thanks, mike at
  3. mfmccagh

    1957 Chevy BelAir Rochester FI cars

    i have a 57 FI 2 door post, restored, original block, heads, rochester unit, electovac with original micro-switch, original fuel tank sending unit, exhaust manifolds, air cleaner with blue air cleaner element, water pump pully, 107 coil . i had gary pronesti examine the car before i did a total resto. its a 250 hp, 3 speed with original close ratio 3 speed. its a black 210 and body laser straight. its for sale @ 110K. mike mccagh at
  4. evap, cond, comp and bracketry as well as switch assenbly. all tested and leak-free. have all but the ductwork at dash ends, $1000, mike mccagh 301 777 0089
  5. mfmccagh

    wanted 49-54 lower a arms

    surface rust ok. no deep pits. thanks,mike
  6. thanks,mike mccagh phone 301 777 0089
  7. bought a nors or could be nos ring and pinion for our 32 dodge 8 cyl. the selling company says the 6 and 8 cyl 32 dodges use the same ring and pinion but i'm suspicious they are incorrect. anybody got the part #'s for the R&P? thanks,mike
  8. needed for a 32 Dodge DK, the 8 cylinder Dodge. will other mopar differentials interchange? thanks,mike mccagh at
  9. mfmccagh

    wanted to buy

    ring and pinion or complete differential for a 32 Dodge DK, the 8 cylinder Dodge. are there other mopar differentials that willinterchange with my original axle housing? thanks, mike mccagh at
  10. mike mccagh or 1 301 724 8792 eastern time
  11. got an AC compressor for a 57 olds? thanks, mike mccagh at
  12. mfmccagh

    wtb 57 olds part

    need an original air conditioning compressor for a 57 Olds.part # is 5910224. it is the same compressor the 57 chevys, 57 caddys, 57 pontiacs and 57 buicks used. thanks,mike mccagh 1 301 724 8792 eastern time