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  1. The "Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts will officially have a space shared with the International Thunderbird Club at the AACA Fall Eastern Regional in Hershey PA. ALL 1929-30 Built by Buick - MARQUETTE and early 1931 50 Series Buicks Owners and Enthusiasts unite ... The MARQUETTE Owners Registry for Enthusiasts (M.O.R.E.) will be in Spaces RCD 24 & 25. Stop by during the biggest Antique Automobile Flea Market and Car Show in the World!!! M.O.R.E. Members and ANY MARQUETTE OWNERS ARE INVITED TO STOP BY ON: WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - FRIDAY at 4:00 pm e-mail: topsdown@holtononline.com or http://www.marquetteregistry.com
  2. Looking for a 38 Buick Glove box latch for a friend of mine. If you happen to have one feel free to drop me an e-mail. Thanks
  3. With all the luck of late I am once again rebuilding my 1929 - 1930 Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts. My laptop with back up were stollen on 11/11/11 and after finally getting my old back up and working, I am left with sketchy information through 2009. So if you happen to know of any Marquette Owners out there anywhere in the world I am trying to rebuild the registry that I started years ago! Thanks
  4. Looking for a 1938 Buick glove box latch for a friend any suggestions? Thanks
  5. The handle is a T-Handle with center lock. I can take measurements if you would like but unfortunately I do not have a spare. I am interested in more information on your Model 30-36. Don Holton topsdown@holtononline.com Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts M.O.R.E. (Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts)
  6. I see that this question was never answered on who made the open car bodies for the Marquette. GM / Buick made all of the US / Canadian built open car bodies in house. All closed car bodies were produced by Fisher Body. In Australia, Phaeton and 4 dr sedan bodies were produced by Holden on cowl forward chassis which were imported along with completed vehicles. England also had special bodies built on the cowl forward chassis but I have not located the name of the body manufacture. I do debate the earlier comment that the body panels on the Marquette were Oakland as there are no other vehicles other than the 1931 series 50 Buick's (which was supposed to become the Marquette "8" and used allot of the 1930 Marquette left over components) that use these body components. The style is that of the Oakland mostly of which is seen in the Herringbone radiator shroud insert. Don Holton topsdown@holtononline.com Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts (M.O.R.E.) M.O.R.E. (Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts)
  7. Yes I agree the rear end should more centered than on this 30-35 Phaeton but it is a very interesting car non the less. Actually I have seen a number of Marquette's being high in the air and very close to the front of the rear fenders. As soon as I can dig some photos up from my external hard drive I will post a few! The Black 2 dr sedan is a fairly low mileage car that I believe is still available and with all that is original on that car it would make a great study on correct items such as the interior. The original green body paint is starting to show where it was repainted black and I am fairly sure that the original paint striping is probably hiding under all that black paint as well! This model 30-35 Phaeton would be considered to be a late version with the chrome trim ring around the instruments on the dash. 07' I would be interested in additional information on this car if you could contact me off list so I can add correct information to my Registry! topsdown@holtononline.com Always great to hear any and all information on Marquette's out there! Yours in Marquette's
  8. No car received a 3rd Junior award! This did not really surprise me but I wanted to know what areas to work on to bring the car up to where it needs to be for a first Junior! I know I lost allot of points on the chassis as the car was undercoated in 1965 when it was bought at the dealership. Other than that I just want to know other areas to work on! Thanks
  9. I realize that the actual judging sheet is not available after a show, but is a general sheet available which shows area where points were deducted? A little embarassed to ask this question, but I am curious where my car lost points? If it is available how do I go about receiving a copy?
  10. Just a quick post to let anyone interested know that I have changed the service provider and URL for the Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts: www.marquetteregistry.com Thanks and take care
  11. I know that most of the early 1931 Buick Series 50 Buicks shared Many of the 1929 Marquette parts. Does anyone know if the 1931 Series 50 Buicks with wire wheels had 5 or 6 lugs. I know the larger series 31's had 6 lugs but did the 50 series have 5 lugs and use the smaller wheel. Just wondering if the wheels were the same ont heste cars. Have a member looking for a 5 lug wheel like that.
  12. Hi Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I keep the Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts and that I would be more than happy to assist in anyway with your article. While keeping the registry for many years I have many photographs, ad copy and information to share including the information that is on my site. Please let me know I can be of some help! Don Holton BCA # 3808 Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts 803 Cedar Street Elmira, NY 14904-2643 607-734-5340 topsdown@holtononline.com www.holtononline.com http://homepage.mac.com/kaholton/topsdown/marquette/marquette.html
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