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  1. I am using Marvel Mystery oil in my water pumps. And I had them rebuild by Skipp Haney from Florida very nice job rebuilding them Thanks Frenchy
  2. Hi Julian I am interested in anything that has to do with Toyopet. I own two 1958 and a 1959 Toyopet . If you have any leads for me let me know I really appreciate it. Thanks Frenchy
  3. I had rebuild a V12 for a friend of mine years ago and we had installed a nice set of original aluminum heads and the first thing I did was to check how straight the heads were,we had to resurface them as they were way off to this day he never had a problem with them. When I finished building Roy Thorson's 1936 V12 engine we installed a set of John Scobel new remanufacture set of aluminum heads and upon installing them I had placed the head gasket to see if all of the water hole would match to the heads. I had to drill a few more holes in the heads that were not there.If you can locate a set of these heads would be great and illiminate your problems. Take care Frenchy
  4. Julian Thank You for your comments. I have worked for Toyota for the last 29 years and I am very happy that I have found one of the rarest Toyopet. This one is very original and I plan on keeping it this way. Thank You Frenchy
  5. Hi Dave If it is in the house its way cool. Take care Frenchy
  6. How many of us are lucky to be able and say I have my Classic car in my house ( Living Room ). Believe it or not but this was my wife idea. I do not need to give you all of the detail but if you can visit my website you will see from start to finish what type of project it was to transform the living room into a museum. So if any of you have the same luck as i have if you could post pictures of where ever your car maybe in your home. I know some of us may be in for some surprises here. Thanks Frenchy ( Doctor Detail )
  7. Hi everyone I am a new surfer on this web site and so far I like what I have seen and read. I am sure I am not the only CAR CRAZY type of a person if I am doing 3 various projects at one time. I am working on a 1932 Ford Hot Rod with a 1948 Lincoln Continental V12 motor and a 1939 Zephyr transmission. Also about done with a 1958 Toyopet Crown I found in a barn a few years ago. As far as I know this one is one of four that we know that are around out of 287 shipped to the US in 1958 the last time this car was on the road was in 1964. If you want to see my 32 Hot Rod project please visit my web site and see the picture of the 32 at the bottom of the page and click on it and see. And please leave me your comments. Thanks Frenchy
  8. Ted Thank You I have send an e mail yesterday no response as of today. I will give them a call and see if I can get through them. Thanks again Frenchy
  9. I have hundreads and hundreads of Hot Rod magazines and others not mentioned here. They are from the 50's to the 90's are there any special issue that are rarer than others. Before Iput them on e bay. Thanks Frenchy
  10. Ted Thanks I will try that and see what response I get. Take care Frenchy
  11. Thanks Dale I have called skip and this guy is the man way nice person to deal with. I am going and have him redo my coil to 12 volts. Take care Frenchy
  12. I need to have a Data plate made as the old one was lost. I have left messages with A.G.Backeast with no returned calls. If anyone can suggest someone in the business to help me with this issue. I can provide a picture and specs needed such as VIN # and Engine #. My car is a 1958 Toyopet Crown. Thanks
  13. Dale Thank You for this info. Frenchy
  14. I have been in the car hobby since the late 60's and I have owned over the years from Vokswagens to Lincoln Zephyr to 1932 Hot Rods NSU and now I have a 1958 Toyopet. I have found this car in a barn near Williams California. In 1958 Toyota started to ship Toyopet the name use at that time. In 1958 they shipped only 287 Toyopet and only 1 land cruiser. As far as we know this car is the second oldest toyopet known by VIN. I have another 58 Toyopet as a parts car and also a 1959.This Toyopet is about to take a first step out of the garage keeping in mind that the last time this car was on the road was in 1964. I am also planning to start on a Toyopet Registry from 1958 To 1963 . If anyone reading my story knows of anyone with a Toyopet please e mail me. If you would like to see other cars that I have done and still own please visit my website at Thanks Jean- Louis Dehoux ( Frenchy Doctor Detail )
  15. Alex Nice story about your 1944. Please visit my web site there you can see how I have restored my 1952 beetle my car was originaly in Germany army base in Fulda. Take care Frenchy Office # 1 800 764 0406
  16. Superior pump is no longer in business I was told Bob Boos doesn't do them anymore. Skip Haney in Florida I was told may be the person who is doing them. Thanks for the info. Frenchy
  17. Hi everyone It has been some time since I posted on this forum. I am building this 1932 Ford with a 1948 Lincoln Continental engine that was given to me by Prentice Beacon over 16 years ago and I told Prentice that I would be putting it to good use some day the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr transmission was in a 4 door sedan I had bought from a member here in Arizona since than this 39 was modified to a woody Custom Zephyr orange in color. I think that some of you members have seen my post last year. I am now looking to have both of my water pumps rebuilt. Originally I was going to have my 2 water pumps to be modified like the ones that Chip Foose is using on his 32 Hot Rod. But I was able to leave the original water pump alone without having to modified them. I can use a good angle rubber hose to fit under this custom made radiator. Can someone give me the phone # of the gentleman in Florida who rebuild them and what is his price for the pair. You can also visit my web site if you would like and see the various stages of the Hot Rod Lincoln. Thank You Frenchy Dehoux ( Charter Member LZOCW )
  18. I have a 1958 Toyopet and I need to have a ID plate made as the original one has been lost. This tag is mounted in the front of the panel near the hood latch. This ID plate is suppose to have the VIN # and the engine # displayed on it and a few other items. I need someone to direct me to someone who can create me an ID plate for the car I have tried but no one is returning my calls. I can provide a picture of what it is suppose to look like. Thanks Frenchy Dehoux My e mail address is My office # (602) 2578680
  19. Hi Cecil By any chance the previous owner of the Black Beauty was Ron Souter? If it was I am the guy who had build this motor for Ron. Ron was able to show the car a couple of times before he past away. Let me know if this is the same Black Beauty you are talking about. Thanks Frenchy Dehoux Phoenix Az Work # ( 602 ) 257 8680 any time
  20. I will need to have my 6 volts coil set up for 12 volts. Does any one knows of anybody who does this conversion. Do I need to use a resistor between the coil and the ignition and who makes one. Any help is appreciated on these two subjects. Thank You Frenchy ( Doctor Detail )
  21. Hi everyone My name is Frenchy Dehoux and I use to be a member of the Zephyr club few years ago. Those of you who know me I am as we speak building a 1932 Ford all steel body by Rod Bod and this one will be powered by a 1948 v12 lincoln engine that has been given to me about 14 years ago by Prentice Bacon in the Hollywood area. The engine is now all build and I am working on an custom exaust I also have a dual 97 Stromberg intake manifold ( Edmunds ). I will be using a 1939 Zephyr transmission.Smoothies 16" wheels powdered coated red with a 4 inch wide white walls at the rear and a 2 1/2 wide white wall in front.The interior will be two tone red and white inserts. The car will be painted gloss Black. As soon as I have pictures of the car I will be posting them on this site. Thanks Frenchy ( Doctor Detail )