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  1. Sorry you did not like the art work but I have my reason for doing this. If you did not like this post you did not have to say anything and life goes on!!!!!!! Frenchy
  2. This is a tribute to one of my Grand Daughter who past away this year after living 44 days with Leukemia her name was Violette. My other Grand Daughter Jacqueline love to help me in the garage when ever I work on my Hot Rods and other projects including rebuilding Lincoln V12. Frenchy
  3. I cannot compare my cooling with all of your application in a full sedan. But on my 32 Hot Rod I have Skips water pumps with no Thermostats and I had the shop build me a custom radiator and shroud to fit tightly and at the bottom he installed small flaps to help the hot air pass through. I can drive the car for 30 minutes without the electric fan on. After the electric fan is on it will stay at 160 degrees . Here you can see a few pictures of this application. Frenchy
  4. Here are a few pictures of my new 38/39 Linclon Zephyr shifter in the 1932 Hot Rod Lincoln. I had to shorten the base about two inches as it was hitting the bottom of the dash. Much better than the previous shifter I had. Also the most recent pictures of the car before I submit them for the Grand National Show in Pomona Calif. Frenchy
  5. There are 3 of these P51 Mustangs here in AZ from what I was told. If I am not mistaken Ron Pratt also has one of the them and another one did crashed this past year at the Chandler air park. This weekend at the Falcon field in Mesa AZ there will be a Car Show and some of these war planes will be on display as well. Frenchy
  6. Here are a few pictures of my dual carburetor with 97 strombergs with the Edmonds manifold. Harry THANK YOU for your services in the ARMY!!!!! Frenchy
  7. The 39 Zephyr gears as far as I have being told they are the same as 39 ford and are more affordable. From 1940 on they were different. Frenchy
  8. You better of have Jake Fleming rebuild it for you he has the Sun machine to do all also checks the dwell and full advance as well as the condensors Jake is the best. Frenchy Jake # (214) 333-3197
  9. Thanks Phil for the picture I have a horn button but I wasn't sure waht year it was for. I have a few pictures showing the horn button I restored for my 32 Hot Rod took me a while to locate this one. A friend of mine had this for the last 25 years and found it in a junk yard in Montana. We made a billet base for it and detailed it and mixed some JB weld and mounted it. Thanks ! Frenchy
  10. Can someone post pictures of the different type of horn buttons from 1936 to 1939 Zephyrs. Thanks Frenchy
  11. With dual carburetor Edmonds intake manifold I do not have an area to add a pcv valve on this was the easiest thing to do. Frenchy
  12. The V12 Lincoln is know in the past to have fumes exiting from the oil cap and making there way inside the car and would fill the inside of the car. Of course the oil was a non detergent.This was recommended years ago if you were to rebuild your motor to add this down draft tube to illiminate some of this blow by. I installed mine to help relieved crankase pressure as I am running two 97 strombergs. The oil use these days is a lot better and it has detergent. I change my oil every 800 to 1,000 miles keeping the engine clean 20 / 50 Castrol. Thanks !!! Frenchy
  13. Here are a few pictures of my road draft tube I installed this weekend on my Hot Rod Lincoln. Frenchy
  14. Is anyone interested for me to make the angle brace that bolts on the exhaust side of the block as seen in these pictures. Let me know Thanks !! Frenchy
  15. Here are a few pictures of my NSU project which will have a full VW running gear easier and more of them to locate parts for. This one will have a 1776 cc engine with 48 IDA Webbers. I am looking for a windshield as the one I have is cracked. I will be posting pictures of this progress as I get started. Thanks Frenchy
  16. Here are a few pictures of my other Toyopet this one is a 1959 and the last time it was driven was December 1978 when it was towed in from the freeway off of the 680 in California and taken to a junk yard. I bought this one from a friend of mine where it has been sitting since that time. I will be doing a full restoration in a year or so. Thanks !!! Frenchy
  17. Here are a few pictures of my 1958 Toyopet Crown on display at Camelback Toyota in Phoenix Arizona. Thanks ! Frenchy
  18. Good morning Tom The chassis on my 1932 Hot Rod is an American stamping and the body is new and made by Denver Deuce in Colorado. If you need additional info on this let me know. Frenchy
  19. Thanks Phil for posting pictures of my garage and pictures of Harold Norton's motor and pictures of my 1932 Hot Rod Lincoln. The motor has being installed back in January and a few weeks ago they took the car for a test drive. Thanks Frenchy
  20. Phil Thanks for the picture of your Down draft tube. I will have mine forward of the oil pan. I found an NOS one with new filter. Thanks ! Frenchy
  21. Here are a couple of pictures of the down draft tube that I will be installing on my oil pan this is the same as the 1955 to 57 T Bird. The small square plate is the part you weld on the pan to hold the main tube on. Thanks Frenchy
  22. I have taken pictures of the down draft tube that I will be installing on my 32 Hot Rod I will be posting them tomorrow Monday August 2nd. As well as the oil pan showing the location that the plate needs to be welded to be able to bolt on the down draft tube housing. Frenchy
  23. I would like to have someone post a picture of a later style oil pan close up of the driver side. The reason is that I am in the process adding a down draft tube same as the one on (1955 to 1957 T Bird ) with plate on the left side as shown on the diagram I received from Earl Brown. On the earlier style oil pan there is a small indentation that does not allow for this plate to sit flush. Possibly the later oil pan may be different. Thanks ! Frenchy
  24. If you cannot locate a nice block call Merv Atkins he has a nice selection of blocks at his shop. The last engine I build in January I had to buy another block from Merv as the customer 's block was cracked at the bottom on the inside edge where the freeze plugs are. Make sure you check this area if you find one. Frenchy Merv shop phone # 1909 9801332
  25. Michael I would be looking for another V12 block and not mess around by trying to repair the one you have. The car is to nice to build a junk motor. Frenchy