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  1. I am looking for a lead on wall paper with street or car scene from the 40's or 50's to apply on my garage wall which measures 18 feet long by 8 feet high. Thanks Frenchy
  2. Good choice you are installing a later V12 1946 to1948 much better water passages and better water flow. Frenchy
  3. I have a 1958 NSU Prinz and I am looking for the windshield and the left rear side window if anyone can help. You can e mail me at Frenchydvb@yahoo.com Thank You Frenchy
  4. I remember we had a meet back in 1992 or so at Cal Beauregard warehouse in Calif near the 210 Freeway I think on a Sunday a gentelman drove in in his 1940 or 1941 Lincoln Continental beetle green convertible his name was Prentice Bacon. Thanks Frenchy
  5. I have a friend that is looking to sell his 1939 three window coupe. It will need to be restored as soon as I can I will take pictures of the car and post them here. Thanks Frenchy
  6. Thanks for the info I did not know where the car went to after he sold it. Also Ron Souter's black 37 Zephyr was sold soon after I had rebuild his engine Ron was able to enjoy his car for one year before he past away. Frenchy
  7. I am looking for a good used radiator shell with or without the grill. If it is in need of repairs such has body work etc ... Thanks Frenchy
  8. Roy Thorson had a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr same color as yours. I wonder where the car is today. Frenchy
  9. If you go on my website you can see pictures of my 41 Zephyr which is the same color as yours. You can also see me doing the build. Thanks Frenchy Frenchysrides.com
  10. What I need is one of the 16 x 4 on 5 1/2 for my future project. I know that the Fords from 1940 to 48 have this size of wheels. I found a wheel I had for the last 25 years in the back yard and this one has no clips but has the bumps to hold the hub caps and also a 3 lines pinstriping on the center of the wheel near the hub cap area and the rim is showing a Zephyr light blue paint. I was told it was on a Zephyr years ago that is why I tought they may of had some with clips or no clips. Thanks Frenchy
  11. I am looking for one Lincoln wheel which is a 16 x 4. Also did all Lincoln wheels have clips to hold the hub caps in place or not or did they have the small bumps on the edges to hold them in place. If someone could post a few pictures of rims so that I can see what they look like. And if somebody has one or two for sale let me know. Thanks Frenchy
  12. Do you have the part # for the new front wheel cylinder . Thanks Frenchy
  13. I am looking for a pair of front wheel cylinders for a 1947 / 1948 Lincoln. Anyone know of a store that may have them available and how much are they. Thanks Frenchy
  14. I am looking for a pair of floor pan rails for a 1928 / 1929 Briggs or Murray. This piece is connected from the lower cowl area and is joined to the seat rail. Let me know Thanks Frenchy Frenchydvb@yahoo.com
  15. Phil Thank You for the help on these parts. The old brake shoes I can have them done with new pads no problem. The wheel cylinders I can buy new one or buy the kits to rebuild them. Thanks Frenchy
  16. Phil I'll take them no problem I will locate the shoes and the hardwares for them let me know the price + shipping Thanks for your help Frenchy Frenchydvb@yahoo.com
  17. Phil Thank You for your response I need the backing plates with the shoes ,springs etc... Let me know the price. Thank You so much for the help. Frenchy
  18. Thank You for the feedback I am waiting for a phone call from Merv Atkins in regard to these backing plates. I will let you know if I cannot locate them. Frenchy
  19. I am looking for a pair of rear backing plates for a 1946 to 1948 Lincoln let me know the price. Thanks Frenchy Frenchydvb@yahoo.com
  20. Sorry to hear this news. I will call Earl next week thank you for letting us know. Frenchy
  21. Thank You everyone I have found what I was looking for. Frenchy
  22. If you can could you post pictures showing a view of the side of the block. Also on the marking on the face where you mentioned it was a 1939 block the number next to that B0 040 it maybe that it was bored out to 040 over possibly I am just guessing. Thanks Frenchy
  23. Ron Yes I am still building the V12 engines as needed if you did view the video that is how they sound when I am done with them. Thanks Frenchy
  24. This car is now FOR SALE if anyone interested let me know. Thanks Frenchy Frenchydvb@yahoo.com
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