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  1. Made by Wells Automotive Parts, Part # U 664 C, "Cut-Out" anyone have a WELLS Book? thanks!
  2. I bought some int. door trims on the bay, billed as NOS. I htink they may be repop. They have white w/blue stripe stickers w/ford parts #'s on them but no Ford logo. is anyone here familiar with these particular parts?
  3. Man, You guys are quick! They didn't make a beach buggy model? Thanks!
  4. My friend owned it, says when he was done with it they put it IN thebed of a pickup and took it to the dump.....:eek: ANyone know what it is? Thanks!
  5. You can vote once a day, he needs our help. He needs to be in the top 10 to make the final round. We can make it happen if we get lots of help.
  6. It's a design contest, don't read too much into it.
  7. Can we help him out with some votes? He's pushing into the top 10. He's the son of a couple members of the Kent Island Cruisers. http://www.sponsafier.com/#/gallery/view/1516
  8. I don't know if it's front or back, a fine core to rechrome $50. Located in MD.
  9. Here's some pics, I have some more if you email me. thanks!
  10. Major project car but it's mostly here. It's very rusty, It will need floors and trunk work, drivers door is about gone, every body panel will need help. The car does roll and steer so bring a trailer. Dash looks complete, even the original TOWN & COUNTRY Radio is here. Here's what I know is gone/missing: No tops, skirts, front bumper & guards, Carbureter, air cleaner, The wheels are wrong Rear cont' kit is not here, it has a rear bumper from a 55? with some incorrect bumper guards on it for the back end. Engine looks original WITH tach drive dist., dual ex. manifolds, fan shroud
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