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  1. Oops. Correction. I used AQ's website online "contact us" page, Automobile Quarterly , not . I just tried and it was rejected as follows: <>: host[] said: 550 No Such User Here" (in reply to RCPT TO command). Any further thoughts? Gene Menne
  2. Thanks. The last issue I received was Volume 52 #1 which arrived 11/30/2012 (and that was over 6 months after I received the prior Volume 51 #4). The phone no. and email address are the ones I've been using. Gene Menne
  3. Hello. I have been trying to contact Automobile Quarterly by phone (left a voice mail) and email numerous times with no response. Does any one know if they are still in business? If they are, how do I contact them? Thank you. Gene Menne
  4. Hello, Arrow probably refers to Arrow Safety Device Company, They make all kinds of lights. Don't know what the lens fits, but could be one of their aftermarket lights. SEMA usually refers to Specialty Equipment Market Association. See: Hope this helps.
  5. 8 stainless steel trim pieces about 1/8" high and 1/8" wide. Uses t-head fasteners with flats on both sides of the threads. What are they from? Car? Other? Thanks.
  6. Thank you for the replies. I have asked Restoration Supply to send me a sample of their mat material. Checked with Steele -- they don't have the material for my running boards. I also contacted Hundley Acuff (fine southern gentleman). Unfortunately, he does not have a mold for my car (he stopped making molds years ago, he said). Gene
  7. I am looking for a source for runningboard rubber mats for my 1937 Cadillac. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Gene
  8. deleted-ML-409730-ML- The AACA Forum policy is it will not be the media to vent dissatisfaction between a customer and vendor. Peter J...