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  1. I am the original owner of 202270. Bought in New Jersey. Moved with me to Walnut Creek, CA in1999. Build date 04/89. Red, black soft top, tan interior 16 valve. 1989 model year. Also, Hemi told me that the engine block was slightly different than the other 16 valves he had seen.
  2. What happened to the valve cover gaskets that Chris@TurbosUnleashed was going to make? I ordered two sets- one I need and one to help get to the minimum order. The last posting about this said the prototype was in testing in a car. What happened? Howie 1989 16 valve (original owner)
  3. Took mine off the day it arrived in California from New Jersey. May 1999. I don't drive it during the rainy season (Dec to March). Howie
  4. I would like to thank everyone for all the advice and the help I received at the meeting. First time I have gone and it was well worth the time. Thank you for making me feel very welcome and for holding the meeting 5 miles from my house. I knew that my Stockton branch manager had a 89 TC that he sold last summer. I just found out that my Stockton service technician also had a 91 TC. He got it in a divorce and sold it when someone saw it on the street and made him an offer. There are only 10 of us in my company and 3 of us have had a TC! Howie
  5. Found out about thiis today at the TC America meeting. Please put me in for one set. Howie
  6. I have not had a chance to try to find the short. I appreciate the advice. Howie
  7. The first thing I tried was was fading the speakers.
  8. The left side speakers have stopped working in my 1989 TC. Both front and rear. Any idea if this is the radio or a connection? Thanks, Howie
  9. My mechanic is telling me that I need to replace the valve cover gaskets and tube seals asap. A couple of yeas ago, someone tried to make the valve cover gaskets without much success. 1989 16 valve. The car has not had much done to it since I brought it down to Hemi about 5 years ago. Any help on the gaskets would be appreciated. Thanks. Howie (howie@j-sequipment.com) 925-686-0471 (Walnut Creek, CA)
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