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  1. looks beautiful! Has it been judged? more pictures?
  2. I had a 2003 LeSabre, piled 172,000 miles on it in 5 years without a hiccup. Was a fabulous car. This celebration sounds like a fun piece to enjoy/collect. What would it be worth over a typical 50,000 mi LeSabre??
  3. nevermind all, I spoke with the seller this morning and it is already sold! thanks!
  4. Are any of you familiar with the white over blue w/ blue interior piece that is in the August 08 Hemmings? They claim it has 50,230 miles. The price seemed a little high to me at $29,900, but if it is original, there aren't many 58's floating around out there (and this one is in the same state as me, eliminating the ever-present delivery issue). Thought I would put the question out to all of you before contacting the seller. Thanks!
  5. james, I am in Ohio and would be interested, especially if the parts to restore it go with the car. gecco@neo.rr.com
  6. congrats - I stopped at $5,300....at least I helped get it up there for you....
  7. Was this car in flint too? I was there for 4 days. thanks again for the pics - I am in the middle of bidding on another car on Ebay. bidding closes tomorrow - we'll see where I am after that.
  8. I can borrow a truck and trailer but if you already have both, I'd probably just have you bring it to my garage. thanks - I'm in the bidding....
  9. The strangest thing happened tonight, and I am sure it will happen to some of you. When we were in Flint, we stopped at the Buick "test drive" trailer. I filled out a card and noted that we were interested in purchasing a new car within the next 6-12 months, and preferred Buick - we didn't even list any other car preference. (the LeSabre has 175,000 miles now so it's due for retirement soon.... ) I don't know whether to be pissed off or scared for Buick, but I got an email tonight thanking me for my expressed interest in "GM products". Never once was there a mention of Buick. It was strictly a "GM" follow up message.
  10. thanks! I just shot him an email.
  11. Lamar, what would you want for the motor and loop if I can source a GM mast somewhere that would work?
  12. I think this is going to be a more difficult search than I even first thought, given that no one is responding....
  13. If it is roadworthy as I presume it is, I would think of just driving it home or having you drive it to Warren.
  14. tom, BTW, do you have the owners manual and/or any other documentation that would have been with the car when delivered, such as warranty, warranty registration, etc?
  15. Does anyone have one or a lead on one? One item that needs replaced on mine is the mast antenna, and if I am going to go to the trouble, I would like to have the option of converting it to a power unit. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  16. i don't know if it's a good thing or bad that I can tell which day the photo was taken by how the cars are parked in the background! This was my first BCA national; it was a mixed bag for me - I thought 600+ cars was a good turnout and there was a nice cross-section between decades, but I was very disappointed in the swap meet section (would like to find a power antenna for the '55). I took about 75 photos and will try to download them today.
  17. hey tom, just checked mapquest; you are about 2:45 from my doorstep. If we can work something out, maybe I could just meet you halfway to pick up the car (like Cranberry or something...) How far are you from Dayton? (my college roommate lives up there)
  18. if you have taken more pics, please email them to me at gecco@neo.rr.com or post on here. do you have any that show the damaged area on the drivers side?
  19. any paperwork that ties the car to you and back to your grandfather as far back to 1963 as you can, as John outlined - copies of original title, bill of sale, license registrations, etc. anything that can authenticate the history of the car to be essentially a "one-owner" or one-family" piece. It won't get you $10,000 for her, but it may help get you a bit more than you might otherwise, will possibly get more people interested or at least raise the comfort level in those already interested.
  20. can you authenticate that the car has been in your family since new?
  21. hey, hubbard is about 15 minutes SE of me. in fact, my cousin owns a steel company out there. As you probably know, i dropped a couple bids on the car on ebay, but I am not interested anywhere near $10,000. $4500 would be pushing it - we'll see how it goes.
  22. i may be interested. It isn't exactly on my top 10 list, but I have an affinity to original cars and Buicks are always on the list, and 4 doors are great for family outings. Please email additional photos, especially of the rust or damage you mention. How much do you want for her?
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