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  1. looks beautiful! Has it been judged? more pictures?
  2. I had a 2003 LeSabre, piled 172,000 miles on it in 5 years without a hiccup. Was a fabulous car. This celebration sounds like a fun piece to enjoy/collect. What would it be worth over a typical 50,000 mi LeSabre??
  3. nevermind all, I spoke with the seller this morning and it is already sold! thanks!
  4. Are any of you familiar with the white over blue w/ blue interior piece that is in the August 08 Hemmings? They claim it has 50,230 miles. The price seemed a little high to me at $29,900, but if it is original, there aren't many 58's floating around out there (and this one is in the same state as me, eliminating the ever-present delivery issue). Thought I would put the question out to all of you before contacting the seller. Thanks!
  5. james, I am in Ohio and would be interested, especially if the parts to restore it go with the car. gecco@neo.rr.com
  6. congrats - I stopped at $5,300....at least I helped get it up there for you....
  7. Was this car in flint too? I was there for 4 days. thanks again for the pics - I am in the middle of bidding on another car on Ebay. bidding closes tomorrow - we'll see where I am after that.
  8. I can borrow a truck and trailer but if you already have both, I'd probably just have you bring it to my garage. thanks - I'm in the bidding....
  9. The strangest thing happened tonight, and I am sure it will happen to some of you. When we were in Flint, we stopped at the Buick "test drive" trailer. I filled out a card and noted that we were interested in purchasing a new car within the next 6-12 months, and preferred Buick - we didn't even list any other car preference. (the LeSabre has 175,000 miles now so it's due for retirement soon.... ) I don't know whether to be pissed off or scared for Buick, but I got an email tonight thanking me for my expressed interest in "GM products". Never once was there a mention of Buick. It was strictly a "GM" follow up message.
  10. thanks! I just shot him an email.
  11. Lamar, what would you want for the motor and loop if I can source a GM mast somewhere that would work?
  12. I think this is going to be a more difficult search than I even first thought, given that no one is responding....
  13. If it is roadworthy as I presume it is, I would think of just driving it home or having you drive it to Warren.
  14. tom, BTW, do you have the owners manual and/or any other documentation that would have been with the car when delivered, such as warranty, warranty registration, etc?
  15. Does anyone have one or a lead on one? One item that needs replaced on mine is the mast antenna, and if I am going to go to the trouble, I would like to have the option of converting it to a power unit. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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