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  1. Found on Craigslist: http://tricities.craigslist.org/atq/5773728458.html May be of interest to someone.
  2. keiser31 Will try to get some posted in the next day or so...
  3. I may consider selling the Napoleonic Coach that was a First Place in Indiana in the 1937 competition. Have an original set of plans and documentation down to the awards check stub. This coach is in good condition. It was built by my father and I am retired now with no one to pass it down to that appreciates the work or the history. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Note: Original post noted Colonial Heights near Kingsport. Getting out of this and this is the last of stuff I'm not keeping...
  5. any offer & actual postage - all yours
  6. Want to move these out - any offers plus UPS costs?
  7. Would like to move these - make an offer plus UPS cost. Thanks
  8. Includes factory media kit in a nice embossed three ring binder; customer information kit that consists of introduction letter, sales literature & VHS promotional video; license plate as used in automobile shows and various pieces of sales literature. All is in excellent condition. $100.00 for the lot. Located in Colonial Heights near Kingsport TN.
  9. Factory shop manual. Two volume set in excellent condition. $85.00 or best reasonable offer. Located in Colonial Heights near Kingsport TN.
  10. If Buicks are for "old" people and some think should be killed instead of Pontiac, how come I have seen "rice rockets" in our area and, as of this morning, a new F150 pickup with portholes added to front fenders?
  11. Black 1938 Buick 41 w/ dual sidemounts. Dad kept it until 1952 and I tracked it down and bought it back in 1967 - had to part with it in 1984 divorce - big mistake (losing the Buick - not the divorce...)
  12. Help me out here guys. Which issue is Paul's article in? Stupidly don't subscribe and have to check it out at local bookstore.... I enjoy Zonda's posts about the '38 - waaaay back in the mid-sixties at the age of 16 I bought back the '38 model 41 my Dad had when I was a young lad. I grew up with that car and unfortunately had to sell it in the mid-eighties because of a long distance move - wish I would have been able to keep it.
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