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  1. Eactly where is this meet being held-is it on the grounds of Penn Tech? Anyone have directions or a map-or an event listing?
  2. Our library really wants to part with this collection due to space limitations. Their price is MUCH reduced. Contact me to determine just how low you can get this collection for. If you're coming to the Williamsport meet next weekend, Lewisburg is only 20 miles south on Route 15-easy pick up. Delivery to the meet might be possible,too.
  3. For Sale Amazing collection of hardcover Automobile Quarterly periodicals, in the official hard cases. Available are Volumes 21-51 (minus volume 34) in pristine condition. I am not sure some of them have even been read.These books have been donated to our public library for their book sale, so if you purchase these items you should view them as tax deductible. The library will sell them as a set-$550. That is less than $5 each. Shipping is negotiable from Lewisburg, PA. For more information, contact the library book sale directly at booksale@publibuc.org (viewed on Tuesdays) or I can put you in touch. schecktr@yahoo.com
  4. I hope this isn't too OT for the board-it should only be up for a day or two and a friend needs help. If not right, it'll go. Here is an opportunity to make some money for posing your car. A friend of a friend is shooting a music video in Woodstock, NY between June 25 and June 28 and is looking to rent the use of a period "muscle car" for a day at pretty good money. I don't have many more details, just that the car is for the backdrop.But, it sounds like fun and not much work for a chance to buy those new fuzzy dice. You can call the artist, Steve Weinstein, direct at 802-359-2677 or get back to me and I'll connect you. Mention "Gary Hardcastle" to Steve so he'll know where this lead came from. Good luck. I hope this isn't too OT for the board-it should only be up for a day or two and a friend needs help. If not right, it'll go.
  5. Ok a bit misleading. I need help from someone who has experience with, or an understanding of, the sequential taillight wiring of the '85 Pontiac Firebird/Trans-am. Not very antique-but they are over 25 years old, so I thought I'd try. If you can help, or even if you just have a wiring diagram, please contact me. Thanks
  6. 103 people look and NO one has an idea?
  7. I found this dash on a long walk in the Vermont woods. The rest of the vehicle was just a rusted pile of sheet metal, although a 20's looking door was nearby. I am thinking maybe a truck, rather than a car, but would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.
  8. I saw a beautiful 1929 Chevrolet sedan at Hershey yesterday with a bright "green" green body. My pictures don't do it justice, but I'd really like to know what color this is. The owner had purchased the car already painted and doesn't know. Any help,please?
  9. No, but you should also check out the tail-light king website. http://www.taillightking.com/ As for John, maybe contacting the folks at AACA who actually assign the /spaces. Maybe they have a contact.
  10. Por-15 makes a two part clear coating which will give you a very strong, non-yellowing,shiny finish.
  11. I agree with all above. Except, I would bet most of us have cars that are "money pits" not investments. I think by the time you count the hours of research and work and the materials involved and the current market conditions, there aren't too many cars that could, or would, be sold for a profit. So why do it? Well, it's fun, and we love our cars. So yes, look at a project carefully. Some amazing restorations have been completed after starting with just a hubcap,but it takes time, and money. Decide what it's worth to you. And that '76 Maverick? If you restore it, it would be the ONLY one on the road. How's that for unique?
  12. Is you exhaust system new? Could you have a leak in the system ahead of the tailpipe that's leaking into your trunk? If everything's tight,you could try chrome exhaust tips that deflect the exhaust downward and away from your trunk area. Just as an aside,in the 1950's Smokey Yunnick ran the exhaust pipes in his race cars (now Nascar) through the trunk. I think the idea was to hit drivers behind his car with hot,noxious fumes. Nascar soon banned this practice.
  13. I was told these headlights,found in an antique store are '35-'36 Ford truck lights with 6V sealed beam conversions. Can anyone verify this or correct me,please? Also I would very much like to know how they were orginally wired,especially the small lens in the trim ring. The trim ring was originally chrome and there is a small plactic(?) lens acoss the top that reads "Dietz". Any help is great;l appreciated. More photos are available. Thanks.
  14. I found these headlights at an antique store for $15. The rims were originally chrome and there is a msall clear plastic(?) lens on the top labeled "Dietz". Any help in identifying them and in showing how they were originally wired to use the top lens,would be greatly appreciated. I have more photos,but can't figure out how to attach them. Thanks.