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  1. Our library really wants to part with this collection due to space limitations. Their price is MUCH reduced. Contact me to determine just how low you can get this collection for. If you're coming to the Williamsport meet next weekend, Lewisburg is only 20 miles south on Route 15-easy pick up. Delivery to the meet might be possible,too.
  2. For Sale Amazing collection of hardcover Automobile Quarterly periodicals, in the official hard cases. Available are Volumes 21-51 (minus volume 34) in pristine condition. I am not sure some of them have even been read.These books have been donated to our public library for their book sale, so if you purchase these items you should view them as tax deductible. The library will sell them as a set-$550. That is less than $5 each. Shipping is negotiable from Lewisburg, PA. For more information, contact the library book sale directly at booksale@publibuc.org (viewed on Tuesdays) or I can put you
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