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  1. This is the site I'm referring to... http://www.buick-reatta.com/
  2. Thanks guys. It was a loose connector on the BCM.
  3. I tried to log in to place an ad for my '90 convertible and I keep getting a message "wrong CAPTCHA sequence" I donated and it won't let me log in???
  4. Thanks, guys for your help. I'm bringing it back tomorrow.
  5. The cruise control does not work, although I couldn't swear that it did before, but there in no indicator that says "cruise control problem". Sorry I am not more help but when you have 3 Reattas and are almost 70 years old. I can't remember what doesn't work on which car.
  6. I looked at the FSM but electronics is not my forte. I can't tell what wire is what...seems like a brown wire has something to do with the speedometer??? HELP. KDirk, anybody.
  7. You are correct in your assumption that the other gauges are working properly. This is a '90 so it does not have the diagnostic CRT to check the ECM and BCM data. I can't crawl under the dash any more which is why I took it to a shop to replace the heater core in the first place. Guess I'll have to take it back to him (a friend). He must have not reconnected something properly when he replaced the heater core.
  8. Got my '90 convert back having had a new heater core installed and the speedometer is now not working. My manuals' index lists speedometer diagnosis in 7A-14 but there is no mention of the speedometer on that page. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for all your help, Ronnie . Maybe something to add to your website.
  10. Problem solved. I went to a place that specializes in hydraulic lines about 7 miles form me and they made a hose with the banjo on one end and 10mm flared fitting on the other while I waited (about 10 minutes). Another Reatta brake "challenge" resolved.
  11. It would have to be the other way around. The fitting from the metal line would have to be silver soldered to the rubber line as the master cylinder has the hose...the replaced pump has the metal line. I haven't given up on the adapter idea yet but you're splicing idea may be an alternative possibility.
  12. Well, tests indicate a bad pump. I took the pump off my '89 parts car and found that the line between the pump and master cylinder is metal brake line type fitting (10mm) and the one on the car with the bad pump (which I also removed) (an '88) has a rubber line with a banjo fitting on it (8mm). So, I either need to find an adapter (no luck locally) or swap out the master cylinder as well. That doesn't look like much fun. Any other ideas?
  13. Thanks, Ronnie, I'll let you know.
  14. Ronnie, If you don't mind, how do I check the voltage? Which wire(s) & when. When I depressurized the system yesterday and turned the key on, the pump did not go on.
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