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  1. I reset the "trip data" section on the CRT last fill up & when I checked it today after filling up it said I used only 7.5 gallons,but in fact I used 12.9 gallons. Any way to re calibrate?
  2. Yes and yes. I do have 16" wheels but that would make the mileage reading lower. I haven't checked milage against my GPS yet but the speedo reading is within 2 mph.
  3. Daniel, my series II SC has 3" exhaust w/ hi flo cat to 2 1/2 " muffler, underdrive pulley on the SC. I am getting 31+ mpg around town and got 45mpg on a recent trip. My question... is that even possible?
  4. Ditto. But no light show. I can deal without the "show" but the lights going on & off at will drives me nuts. HELP!
  5. Jim, I am also having trouble emailing you @ that address. I just copied & pasted it & sent it again today. Hope it goes thru this time...........Mort
  6. That e address gets returned as undeliverable. I used anouher address I had for him but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. He may be on a road trip.
  7. I agree with Ranger. If I can't read a post, or it's too long winded or has been covered too many times, etc., I just go on to the next post. No problem, mon. All things said, this is BY FAR the best "motorhead" site I've been on despite, & because of all, the things mentioned above.
  8. Incredible job! The knowledge & talent of the people on this site is amazing. Thanks, I will be adding to the listings soon.
  9. I have a '95 series I supercharger (with a new coupler), throttle body & manifold for sale for $75 plus shipping. PM me if you're interested.
  10. Strut bearings are just another terminology for "strut mount". Yes it is feasable to replace the bearings (mounts) in your struts are good, but they should be fairly new because it's alot of work to do if you're gonna have to do it again.
  11. manic, before you get too wrapped up in this Reatta desk chair thing, I am in need of a drivers 16 way saddle (bottom only) in good condition. Can you help?
  12. crtnrds

    Port holes

    Yes, I will need to cut holes in the fender. My local Buick dealer gave me a better price than that Ebay seller.
  13. crtnrds

    Port holes

    I'm not trying to follow the crowd as I didn't know the crowd was doing port holes; maybe I'll have to look around & rethink this. But this is a BUICK, man, & I think the Lucerne style port holes go with the Reattas' "wedge" shape as though they were made for it. No?
  14. crtnrds

    Port holes

    I'm thinking of using the Lucerne port holes on my "hot rod" project.
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