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  1. Hi All, I am needing to replace the worn air pump unit for the rear suspension. There seems to be a plethora of different models when I do a google search, but not the one that I need for the vehicle as above. Can any one point me in the right direction for a new pump, ideally to directly replace the existing assembly as per photos at this flickr link https://flic.kr/s/aHsk5oyfG2 Or we at there stage of having to modify another to do the job. I really don't want to chance it with a used unit, so new is the choice if it exists. Cheers David
  2. That makes sense now - inner axle seals. Missing on this assembly. Probably half of the reason for oil getting through the bearing. Thanks for that.
  3. Hi All, I'm involved in an early Ford Differential/Rear axle assembly. Spiral Bevel, Torque tube, Axle tubes separate from either side of the Pinion Housing. I have a question regarding the grease nipples at the outer ends of the axle tubes at the brake backing plate boss - What do they feed? I have repaired the hubs and axle bearing shoulders with Mac's rebuild kits. The axles look machined near the outer taper end, as if there should be a bush or similar pressed into the axle tube ends to support the axle and perhaps control oil surge from within. What say the collective wisdom on this one. Cheers
  4. Hi All, We need to source some usable wire wheel retaining rings. These are the rings that are split and retain the tyre on the rim when inflated. Could also use any keepers - the clip that gathers the split ring together and locks it in place. 18" rims. Cheers David
  5. No, all I have is the engine and gearbox at the moment. Cheers David
  6. Thanks Kaycee, I cant give you anymore info other than what I have already - previous pictures and posts. About a 1935 Pontiac sedan with Australian Body. The only thing that comes to mind might be the fact that while it may be classed as a 1935 here in Oz it may very well be an earlier model? Cheers D.
  7. Kaycee, doesn't sound promising. Check the images earlier in the post/thread. Gearbox top has four mounting bolts and a raised centre into which the gearlever is held. The part in question (also pictured in thread) is actually out of the shifter housing in those photos. It would normally slide down the lever and sit on top of the lever ball and then a threaded cap nut is also slid down the lever and screwed up to hold everything in. Its a six cylinder "Master Six". Apparently imported from US as a chassis etc and then an Australian Holden Body manufactured for it. Apparently it is the prototype manufactured for that up and coming model year. R. D.
  8. Thanks Kaycee, If you can access the top of the box then all you'll need to do is undo the threaded cap that holds the gearstick and associated parts against a spring. The whole lot should lift out. I will leave it up to you as to how far you want to go with this. If he will sell the gear stick and/or parts thereof - great, but if he needs to sell the whole box then Im in your hands a bit. Full disclosure on this - I'm in Australia so transporting a gearbox would be straining our new friendship I'm sure. Not so much the cost , but the logistics for you! Cheers David
  9. Hi Kaycee, that would be great. I dont fancy my luck in finding one although there is a bit of traffic happening with this post now. If your feeling energetic and able to by all means I would appreciate it. No rush on it either. I'm a little surprised that other people have not had the same problem. I would've thought there would be quite a few of these gearboxes around being used. Maybe not? Cheers David
  10. Dang! I appreciate your interest and reply. Cheers.
  11. Hi Bob, Thanks for replying. Please find attached some photos of the gearbox for your info. Cheers David
  12. hi Guys, putting together a Pontiac gearbox - marked as GM and its a three speed floor shift. There is a retaining collar made of zinc alloy that controls movement, locates and retains the gear lever. Our one is damaged and someone has tried to weld repair - no good. Does anyone know where to get another, new or used? See attached files. Thanks.