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  1. 89tc-16v How much to ship to Sacramento ca 95864
  2. Hi there Need driver's front window and Hardtop Cream How much and where are you located. Tanks Mike
  3. Take a look if any one wants one http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230018895821
  4. What we have here is a real nice 1989 Chrysler Tc Maserati. The car is all original which includes the paint and interior. The body has one dent on the trunk and a few spots around the car where the clear coat is disintegrating. Overall the entire car looks real nice. The interior is all-original and has some wear spots but no tears etc. The rugs are real clear and nice. The color combination is Red Ginger and tan, which meets only 160, made with this combo. Although the car has 155,000 miles on it must have been rebuilt sometime in its life. No receipt but just perceptions on how well
  5. AAH No thoughts on those items. Why do not need but will take look at and post. mike
  6. Ok I am from the old school from back East. DECK LID. Color is important want to be lazy and not have to paint just take off and put on. Mike
  7. Anyone have a good used trunk Red Exotic? Condition and price. Mike
  8. Hi you all I do not know if any one else has ever posted this but here goes anyway. The outside front door window rubber mouldings can be made from any Lebaron rubber moulding. As you know these little buggers get hard and break up after years of us. But all you have to do is get some Lebaron mouldings (1989-1993?) and carefully measure and trim to fit. If you do it right you can even use the same attaching screw holes. These are easily gotten at your local pick and pull salvage yard for 2.99 each. Not bad for a real cheap fix and improves the look and makes the window tighter. Mike
  9. Hi Everyone I fixed the continuous horn problem but now it appears I caused another problem. After puting everything back together the tilt part of the steering column is loose, can shake a little up and down and side to side. Any one else experience this? Thanks Mike
  10. Hi again I have a 8v 89 with some little gremlins. So here is a new one any help is greatly appreciated. Had no horn. Looked and the horn wire was disconneted. Connected it and noticed no relay. Got relay now horn blows always. Did test of horn button per manual not the problem, probably shorted wire down steering column. Why can't it be easy. Any ideas where the wire may be grounded? A typical place? Tanks Mike
  11. Hi you all I got a 8v 89 and have a oil leak which i thought was from the valve cover gasket. Replaced same and still a leak coming near the rear of engine maybe turbo oil line? Any body have similar leak? Tanks Mike
  12. I think I might have solved the mystery. Do you all have the air/oil curtain on your engines? Mine did not and this probably allowed it to draw the gasket too tight when I torqued it to specs. It appears that the curtain has bumpers that would prevent the cover from going all the way. Any thoughts mike
  13. Ok I know I am getting a little old, butttttttttt what the heck did I do wrong.I got the nice springy rubber gasket put it on and torqued it to 105 in lbs and still got a lot of leaks. Took it off and the gasket itself was broken or cut in many places. TOO TIGHT???? Tanks Mike
  14. Hi Where is the heater water control valve located? PO allowed stupid Chrysler Dealer to reroute the hose and valve because there was none available. Same dealer took off motor mounts and put back on because they could not get any. Then said they are a little sagging but not broken. Just replaced right side and there was nothing left of the mount. Tanks Mike
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