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  1. Barney - I saw your clips in Rochester. They looked good but you were going to do another batch. Did you have time for that? If so I would like to get two of the burgundy clips. Thanks.
  2. Yes, I would buy two, possible four in case they were to break again. (However, I imagine yours would be better than the orignal!)
  3. Just called this afternoon on the 90 coupe white/burgundy. It sold last Sunday. I feel bad about it. I should have followed my instincts. At my age, (refer to "Reattas Owners Age") you would think I would know better. Soon To Be Retired '90 White/Burgundy/White
  4. Randi, Thanks again for showing me around and being willing to visit. I would like to bleed the brakes as my first task. That seems to be the main recomendation for new owners. I just need some time. Thanks to others for the welcome. I plan on being in Rochester for several days in July. I have just seen a 90 coupe, white, burgundy, that is for sale just 12 miles from me. 150K $2,995. Thinking of looking at it as a car for my son who graduates from high school this May. He doesn't like white. I'll be work on him. Of course he doesn't like the fact that I refer to it as the "donor car"! Bob '
  5. Just a week ago today I flew down to Chicago and purchased a '90 white, burgundy, white convertible. I drove it home to St. Paul. On the way stopped at Reatta Randy's "farm". Thanks Randy for the info and showing me the herd! I've had a great time driving around with the top down and the heat on! Thanks to all of you for being here. I've saved many threads for future reference if needed. I'm not an experienced wrench turner but an willing to try. Ran the BCM codes last night. Three of them showed up and ended with H. (History I believe) b482H, r021H, r026h. My wife, who I thought would be ups
  6. There is one I am interested in that is a '90 white/burgundy int./white top. It has the original top. Would putting burgundy top on some day negatively affect its' "collectibility" because Buick didn't offer the burgundy option for the cover? (I'm not sure about that.) It also does not have 16 way seat. Is this a huge negative? I see in past posts that the wiring is there for either 8 or 16. Do you need to buy a different seat to get the lumbar etc.? Also would you need to replace the arm rest that held the 8 way controls? Soon To Be Retired Looking.
  7. What is the most popular color combination for a convertible? What do folks think of white body, white top and burgundy interior? I will be thrilled to purchase any Reatta, especially a convertible. Just wondering what most people are looking for. I would prefer black, tan, and tan I think. Thanks for being here. Soon-to-be-Retired and looking!
  8. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The '88-89s, with the ECC, are a unique experience. Yes, the 90+ cars were evolutionary, but compared with other cars out there, the 88-89s stand out. I don't hate them, but if it's going to be a coupe, I'd rather have the ECC. Someday, I'll make an ECC convertible </div></div> Sorry, I am kind of a rookie. I don't know what you mean by ECC. Could you explain please. Thanks.
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