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  1. West, Thanks for posting that find. What a fantastic looking Packard! Robert.
  2. Thanks Randy. It certainly does look good. Best Regards, Robert.
  3. Randy, What is the sticker on the radiator apron just above the hood latch? I have never seen that before. And oh yes, what a beautiful engine compartment!! Thanks, Robert
  4. After cleaning them up I have to admit they do photograph well but they are not as good as they look in the photo. I may be able to save a set between the two sides of the car. My original question was if anyone was reproducing these and it seems like the answer is no. Given that, I will most likely save what I can and fabricate the rest. Once I complete this I will follow-up with a post to let you know how I made out. Thanks everyone for the contributions to this post. Robert.
  5. Mr. Pushbutton, Thanks for sharing more pictures! 12 of those pictures would make a great calendar to hang in the garage! What an impressive collection of 56 Detroit iron in that photo. Hope they don't wait another 100 years to do another meet of that caliber. Thanks again for sharing such great pictures. Robert.
  6. What a wonderful car! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Looks like a 400, 54 & 56 Caribbeans and a Panther off in the distance! That must have been one heck of a show. Regards, Robert.
  7. Brain, Thanks for your follow-up post. Your description of cleaning the excess grease "must have scraped pounds pounds off" matches my experience exactly! Getting the steering knuckle to where you could recognize it again was very satisfying. I have attached an after picture of my pivot pins with the rubber that was on them. Again, I think I will be searching for a close facsimile to fabricate/substitute what was on them. Thanks again, Robert.
  8. Thanks Kev. Great site you and other have created with fantastic pictures! Robert.
  9. Good to know they still exist. Hope they come out into the daylight every now and again so we can enjoy them. Thanks for your post. Robert.
  10. Just curious what happened to these cars? Are they part of a museum collection, private collection, crushed or whereabouts unknown? Thanks, Robert.
  11. Brian, Thanks for your post. In cleaning mine up I believe they are sleeves on the top and the o-rings on the bottom. It is amazing that none of the top tier after market folks make these. Surprisingly, these items are really not well documented in the Packard Service manual either. Fortunately as Randy noted, a close fabricated equivalent should do the job. I agree that a heater hose with the proper diameter might be the ticket for the top sleeves. Best Regards, Robert.
  12. Yup Kanter was on my list but I agree with Randy's post...since these are primarily rubber sleeve grease covers, I will endeavor to make them. Thanks for your reply. Robert.
  13. Randy thanks. I had already checked Steele and Merrit and came up empty. My upper pivot pins have the sleeves you described so I believe those are originals. My lower pivot pins had o-ring looking grommets that were probably replaced along the life of my car. I will endeavor to fabricate replacements as you suggested to keep the grease in and other elements out. Best Regards, Robert.
  14. I believe I described these incorrectly. These are the rubber grommets that are on the upper and lower pivot pins that connect the steering knuckle support to the upper and lower control arms. Thanks, Robert.
  15. Does anyone have a part number and source for these? What remains of mine are shown attached. Thanks, Robert.
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